friday morning headlines


LINDSAY LOHAN - is sleeping with guys again. Or at least she left a hotel with one, a model named Pete Smith. Wow, sex with Lindsay Lohan! What an amazing accomplishment. She must think he's really special. (the sun)

ASHLEE SIMPSON - might have been kicked off 'Melrose Place' because Heather Locklear wanted to be the only big name star. Although it's hard to believe that anyone who considers Ashlee Simpson a threat would even have enough clout to get a sandwich, much less final say on casting. (star)

BATMAN VANISHING - this is one of the most popular videos anywhere right now, probably because it's awesome. (college humor)

HEIDI KLUM - is the star of the new book ‘Rankin's Heidilicious'. Those two words seem to be complete jibberish, but when you have a book with dozens of naked Heidi Klum pictures, you could call it ‘This Book Is Made Of Poison' and still sell a billion copies.

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