its the new (and this time legal) ‘avatar’ trailer

October 29, 2009 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

The full length trailer for ‘Avatar’ is finally online (hosted here by trailer addict. you can dl it in HD from yahoo) and it gives you a better idea of the visuals and the story. It looks amazing but I hope it doesn’t turn into some thinly-veiled “no blood for oil” political nonsense. Can I just watch a GD movie please? Can Hollywood please stop lecturing me for 5 minutes? Besides, what’s so bad about blood for oil. I need oil. It runs all my stuff. And the people in the Middle East have tons of it but they’re being dicks about it. It’s not like they made it. Solar power or green power or whatever would be great but we don’t have it yet and I’m not gonna live like a raccoon washing my food in the river until we do.  Luckily I have a plan to end the oil crisis once and for all:

Day 1: Kill them.
Day 2: Take the oil.

We can have this wrapped up by Monday.

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