Katy Perry had a party

By brendon October 26, 2009 @ 4:46 PM


Katy Perry had her 25th birthday party this weekend, and the theme was some kind of paint thing, or more accurately, another excuse for Katy to show off her huge and perfect tits while pretending not to do so.

This chick is annoying. Her body is terrific. I want to see it, she wants to show it, so what the hell is the problem? It’s like she just needs a little push. That’s why I kidnapped her parents last night. Don’t make me kill them!

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    SCUM 10/26/2009 16:52

    I like a rack, Iraq not so much.

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    SCUM 10/26/2009 16:53

    I would suck my own spooge out of her ass.

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    whatizdat 10/26/2009 16:53

    Wait, this was the dream I had but it wasnt paint all over her

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    SCUM 10/26/2009 16:53

    I would let Pepper watch me have sex with her.

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    Rokan 10/26/2009 16:53


    Your new AVI is captivating

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    whatizdat 10/26/2009 16:54

    Scum only you could make me hungry

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    SCUM 10/26/2009 16:58

    I always liked the Banana Splits T.V. show.

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    whatizdat 10/26/2009 16:59

    I was more for Penelope Pitstop, early cartoon rack for me

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    Beppo 10/26/2009 16:59

    Brendumb know’s I’m here.

    Bring back the blond girl with the swastika. I was about to have my first erection in decades.

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 10/26/2009 17:00

    Even with the knowledge that Russell Brand is shoving his cock into her many orifices on a regular basis can’t detract from how great her body is.

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    leftnutofjesus 10/26/2009 17:00

    she’d be a midget for the rest of her life.

    cuz i’d have her on her fucking knees from day 1 til death.

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    Von Schirach 10/26/2009 17:02

    Just waiting for somebody to photoshop a cock in pic 6 or 8 . . . either one, take your pick.

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    leftnutofjesus 10/26/2009 17:04

    is 3 6 mafia still coming out with songs?

    jesus…..the nigras are cool and all, but they won an oscar. and ever since, they haven’t put out one fucking song i’d play in my pussy machine.

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    Rokan 10/26/2009 17:05

    Beppo, you piece of shit, that was actually funny.

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    Beppo 10/26/2009 17:06

    What a surprise, Norman.

    A man having an erection apeals to you?

    Imagine that.

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    Rokan 10/26/2009 17:08

    I love this dude with the paint brush.

    You know he picked it up and all he could think to do was draw green lines under her tits like he was in elementary school.

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    Von Schirach 10/26/2009 17:09

    Rokan’s name is Norman? Do you live in a creepy house on a hill above a motel and keep your mother’s mummified remains in the fruit cellar?

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    Rokan 10/26/2009 17:13

    Von Shirach,

    Its a long story and Beppo is a tool.

    I showed Pepper my bowling ball and it all went down hill from there.

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    dirtydiane 10/26/2009 17:13

    no how in the hell is the dry cleaner supposed to get that out of her (very expensive) dress?!?

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    dirtydiane 10/26/2009 17:15


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