the reviews are in: lindsay faye baker officially sucks at fashion too

By brendon October 05, 2009 @ 1:17 PM


If you’ve ever wanted to dress like Lindsay Lohan, kill yourself now is your chance! Yesterday was her debut show in Paris as creative director for the French fashion house Ungaro. So is she officially a triple threat? Equally talented at acting, singing, and designing? Um, well, yes, as a matter of fact.

The LA Times said, “Nothing in the collection evidenced any real skill or discernible design work … there’s really no defending this misguided collection, other than as a desperate bid for attention from a house that hasn’t mattered since its founder retired in 2004.”

The London Daily Mail said, “But the collection of mini dresses and blazers received a mixed response and prompted only lukewarm applause.  Fashion critics looked aghast at Lohan’s bra tops and stripper-inspired nipple pasties.”

The London Telegraph said, “There were some truly hideous fashion faux pas. Silver sequinned ‘pasties’, for example, belong in a lap dancing club.”

And WWD – “the Bible of the Fashion World” – called the collection “an embarrassment … the clothes look cheesy and dated.”

Lindsay should still be encouraged because this could have been worse.  For example, instead of calling her runway show “a walk of shame”, the LA Times could have snuck up behind her and thrown a big poison snake on her.

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:22

    I dunno… I’ve seen a lot of crap on runways. This is no worse than 90% of the nonsense ‘real’ designers put out there.

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:26

    She still looks like hell, though…

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    SuperB 10/05/2009 13:29

    Shes lookin like hell could she have any more wrinkles in that forehead? She looks like a sharpei.

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/05/2009 13:29

    Please tell me these photos are photoshopped. She looks like that puppet “Madame”.

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    DB's Treasure 10/05/2009 13:29

    I’d stick my dick in the 7th circle of that hell, Ssnake.

    Tom, race was a drunken blur. Plenty of tits flashed out way, though. There’s nothing more boring than a sober bitch.

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:29

    Christ, I gave you people enough notice…. you’re making me look like a world-class athlete here.

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    DB's Treasure 10/05/2009 13:30

    out = our

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:30

    Never mind.

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/05/2009 13:31

    I would vote for the poisonous snake option, but I’m against cruelty to animals.

    (The poor snake would be dead in 10 minutes after getting a bite outta Li-ho)

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:32

    Nice to see you again, DB… did they hire somebody to do your job?

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    Tom Foolery 10/05/2009 13:32

    I don’t get how she looks like hell, she has not lived anywhere near a rough/crazy Hollywood life. Mickey Avalon on the other hand, there’s an F’d up cracker.

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    SuperB 10/05/2009 13:32

    Ssnake was you or Wood trying to get a bet on the game?

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    dirtydiane 10/05/2009 13:34

    i like how linds coordinated her coke nose to go with the pieces in the show.

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:34

    THat was me, B. I watched it on TV — you must have been the only one there who wasn’t wearing red.

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    Zombie 10/05/2009 13:35

    Lindsay is planning to be Charlize Theron’s character from “Monster” for Halloween.


    Also, Pic #7 — is the chick real or fake? I often ask that of my dates as well.

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    whatizdat 10/05/2009 13:36

    at least she almost has her seasons straight – she will scare the hell out of someone for Halloween!

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    SsnakeOil 10/05/2009 13:36

    BTW, I loved, LOVED the girl who rode War Paint!!

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    Rusty Sanchez 10/05/2009 13:37

    These reviewer compare this crap to stripper fashion? I’m glad I don’t frequent the same strip clubs as them.

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    SuperB 10/05/2009 13:37

    I had taken my red off…it was like 40 when I left at 7, but by noon it was decent out.

  20. avatar
    whatizdat 10/05/2009 13:37

    aaaaeeeeooooo great minds think (almost) alike

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