Australia hates Britney. Not because of that shirt though.


Australia must be a utopia because the government has nothing to do but yell at Britney Spears for lip synching during her tour down there this week. On top of that, critics have called her show "boring and stiff", and there are reports of fans walking out as early as the third song.

As you might imagine, this is doing anything but helping Brits already shaky confidence. Popeater says...

"Britney is aware of all this and she's extremely upset by it," Paul Dainty, Spears' tour promoter, told ‘The Australian' on Monday. "She's a human being. I'm embarrassed, with such a big international entourage here with Britney, to be part of the Australian media when I see that kind of totally inaccurate reporting." In their reporting, Perth Now claimed "hundreds of fans stormed out" of the Friday concert. One fan, 22-year-old Amanda Hawlet put it bluntly: "I want my money back or I want her to sing properly. The ticket cost me $200 and she lip-synced the whole thing."

They seem to under the very very false assumption that Britney is denying them something by not singing live. She can't sing in a recording studio, she sure as hell can't sing on stage while also trying to shuffle back and forth and then resting her hands on her hips and trying to catch her breath from all that shuffling. Everyone likes you Australia, we wouldn't fuck with you.  As God as my witness this way is best for everyone.

(image source = inf daily)

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