kimberly phillips is the best


While we're on the subject of sexy Hollywood Halloween pictures, September Playmate Kimberly Phillips has some from the Playboy party on her facebook (her facebook fan page is here). This is relevant to my interests because she might be the most perfect girl of all time (a few of her Playboy pics here), and there is literally nothing on earth I would rather do than look at pictures of Kimberly Phillips.

If I had cancer, and in one hand you had a pill in the form of a gummy bear that would cure me and also make me immortal and give me the power to fly, and in the other hand you had new naked pictures of Kimberly Philips, I would rip the pictures from your hand and then slap you for wasting my precious time. How Dare You! Give me those pictures and leave me at once!

(pictures removed by request)

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