is she homeless or something

By brendon January 08, 2010 @ 6:09 PM


Victoria Silvstedt has been in St Barths all week, and now that we know she’s a professional prostitute, I of course assume every guy she’s with is paying her for sex. Even lamer are the guys who seem to be randomly approaching her to talk. As if they can’t even get up the nerve to hire her. The only way they could be any sadder when it comes to begging for sex is if they took their pants off, pointed at their erection and then whimpered while a tear rolled down their cheek.

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    The Original Lo Rider 01/08/2010 18:11

    Hey bitch, I got $50 and a car.

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    The Original Lo Rider 01/08/2010 18:12

    And LoRider ends the week with 2 count’em TWO first posts! FIST, motherfuckas!

    It used to mean so much more back when other people read the site too.


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    The Original Lo Rider 01/08/2010 18:13

    At least the chick in my avatar has one hot boob.

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    Zombie 01/08/2010 18:14

    Gross… Look at her left tit in pic #3. I don’t even have a backseat for that shit.

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    The Original Lo Rider 01/08/2010 18:15

    You got a point, Z. And you just saved me $50. Thanks, bud!

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    DB's Treasure 01/08/2010 18:16

    I’d thumb this chick’s crap-socket

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 01/08/2010 18:22

    There is an alien lifeform hatching inside her tit.

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    Rusty Sanchez 01/08/2010 18:34

    She looks just like that other washed-up plastic Barbie that used to be married to Lamas. WTF is her name? I guess skank works for both.

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    Watt 01/08/2010 18:48

    I pointed at my erection and whimpered once. Its a great way to get your dick sucked.

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    Watt 01/08/2010 18:53

    The last hour of work is the absolute worst.

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    meatbydapound 01/08/2010 19:06

    I hear you Watt. I’ve been contemplating sipping some jack out of a Starbucks cup to keep from snapping on the fat chicks here at work. I’m getting Myrtle Beach drunk tonight.

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    RedRage 01/08/2010 19:35

    I bet her cock socket looks like a Venus fly trap with a yeast infection. Her herpes burns at the same temperature as the surface of the sun.

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    Watt 01/08/2010 19:45

    Nsfw but check out the denmark record:

    Target ejaculation – women       
    #1. all over bull’s eye! :-)

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    Watt 01/08/2010 19:46

    That orgasm record would be intense. He had to be shooting blanks by #6

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    Rusty Sanchez 01/08/2010 19:49

    look at that freak who jerked it for almost 8 hours! His cock must look like a cherry popsicle.

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    Gildorg 01/08/2010 20:09

    Didn’t she admit to being a paid whore when she was 17?

    I seem to remember her doing an interview on Howard Stern where she admitted to it.

    Some rich dude was paying for her ass back then, which means she has been living by the “oldest profession” for half her life…

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    teflon juan 01/08/2010 20:31

    Lisa Rinna – Harry Hamlin + a blond wig + slight career change

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    S.S. Ashley Greene, Again (Some More) 01/08/2010 20:53

    [...] other ladies fritting around half naked today are Victoria Silvstedt, who is an actual whore (as in literally a prostitute) and Rachel Zoe, who looks like she’s been dead since about [...]

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    xqz99 01/09/2010 00:17

    She was definatly sexier when she was younger

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    zencat002 01/09/2010 03:30

    The fake silicone bags are horrendous! You can see the ripple edge on her left tit in pic 3. Still, I would come all over it and then make her clean it up herself and cook my dinner. Too much?

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