lindsay lohan is taking her clothes off. again.

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Lindsay Lohan is a good actress, but she’s also a disruptive pain in the ass, and that’s why no one has hired her to star in a movie since 2006. It makes you wonder why Robert Rodriguez hired her for his next movie. Did he see something about her that made it worth the risk? Yes. Yes he did.

Not only will the 22-year-old actress go topless, but she goes skinny-dipping with her on-screen mom!
Lindsay – who has about 10 minutes of screen time as gun-toting socialite April Benz – is slated to get wet and naked while swimming in a waterfall with Alicia Rachel Marek, 34, who plays her mother.

It really wasn’t that long ago when even a glimpse of her huge tits would be headline news around the world. Now seeing her naked is about as noteworthy as a new car that comes with air conditioning.

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