tiger is hiding on long island

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Elin Nordegren was out running errands this morning in Florida, but her husband Tiger Woods hasn’t been seen in public for almost 6 weeks. Us magazine says that’s because he’s been traveling around anonymously and hiding out a thousand miles from home. It’s like ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’, except in this case Tiger is Julia Roberts and Elin is the handsome but abusive Irishman.

(Woods) has been staying with his billionaire pal Jim Dolan, the controversy-prone CEO of Cablevision and owner of Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks.
Dolan invited Woods to hide out at his $13.5 million fortress-like waterfront estate on New York’s Long Island a week after his sex scandal broke.
“Tiger’s been seeing a shrink who goes to Dolan’s house,” says the source.
The source adds that Dolan has even opened up his fleet of jets to the golfer,
“He’s the one keeping him under the radar,” says the source. “Jet-setting everywhere. I know Tiger’s flown on Jim’s jet from Florida probably three times.”

This Jim guy sounds like a pretty good friend. The last time I got dumped by a girl, me and two friends went to dinner and after pouring my heart out one made the observation that I was a “fuckin loser”, while the other nodded in agreement, then wondered if the, “baby gonna cry?” It was part of their tough-love program, and was roughly a thousand times worse than having no friends at all.

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