tiger woods is in sex rehab

By brendon January 15, 2010 @ 4:03 PM


Tiger Woods hasn’t been seen in public for almost 2 months now, and there are plenty of theories guessing why, but maybe it’s because he’s been in a sex rehab. Radar says…

The troubled golf great checked into Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services, sources say.
The clinic (is) considered one of the top in the nation for sexual addiction.
According to the Web site for the facility, patients usually spend about six weeks in treatment.

Hm. Hattiesburg is where the University of Southern Mississippi is, and that school has like 5,000 hot young white girls, most of them blond, and it’s always 900 degrees so they’re wearing next to nothing. It’s pretty much the last place on earth Tiger Woods needs to be. The only thing he’s gonna learn is how to sneak into a dorm. They might as well have meetings inside a Hooters. This would be like giving a fat person diet tips, but instead of printing them out you write them in icing on a cake.


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  1. Mac-Daddy 01/15/2010 16:12


  2. Mac-Daddy 01/15/2010 16:13

    Fergie always bookedbatter from the back. Actually everything neck down on here is great!

  3. Mac-Daddy 01/15/2010 16:14

    oh….wrong thread…oh well, fk it

  4. Paula 01/15/2010 16:14

    That picture is beyond hilarious.

  5. Zombie 01/15/2010 16:25

    This one for all the cake… real or fake?


  6. DB's Treasure 01/15/2010 16:30

    Fake again, Zombie, I imagine.

  7. SCUM 01/15/2010 16:32

    DB, after you came in a RealDoll would you go down on it?

  8. Zombie 01/15/2010 16:32

    DarkCherry, Ohmwrecker… you want to weigh in on this one?

  9. ohmwrecker 01/15/2010 16:32

    He doesn’t need sex rehab. He just needs a more underestanding wife.

  10. The Fried Man 01/15/2010 16:33

    If you’re Tiger Woods and you’re not nailing every piece of @ss that falls into your lap…then you have a sex problem. What he has is called a “penis” and “tons of options.”

  11. ohmwrecker 01/15/2010 16:35

    I say real . . . It’s a trick of some sort. Either way I would fuck it.

  12. DarkCherry 01/15/2010 16:35

    Z – the goose bumps have me leaning towards real.

    although the real question is why is there a Tiffany poster on the wall in the background?

  13. creampiejones 01/15/2010 16:36

    Whose sex tape will become public domain first: Tiger’s or Lindsay’s?

  14. ohmwrecker 01/15/2010 16:37

    If you owned a Realdoll and you caught your best friend fucking it, would you kill him?

  15. riverwarfrat 01/15/2010 16:38

    I live in Hattiesburg, and he couldn’t possibly be more right. There’s nothing but fine women in this town. Good luck, Tiger, you’re gonna need it.

  16. DarkCherry 01/15/2010 16:38

    so Z what is it?

  17. Rusty Sanchez 01/15/2010 16:40

    DC, a lot of castings come out with goosebumps because the mold material is cooler than body temp and wet. Coloring looks too real though.
    I’d hit it either way too.

  18. pepper 01/15/2010 16:41


  19. Rusty Sanchez 01/15/2010 16:42

    Ohm, because there is no emotional attachment to the real doll, I would only give him a titty-twister.

  20. Zombie 01/15/2010 16:42

    The correct answer is REAL… I added the info below the pic myself to throw you off, but I guess nothing gets past you chodes.


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