ireland baldwin has gotten her revenge


America first met Alec Baldwins daughter Ireland (who is 13 in these pictures from last year, btw) in 2008 when he left a message on her phone calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig", among other things. And since women are black-hearted monsters, she's probably been plotting her revenge ever since. And now she's gotten it, and she used a phone as her weapon just to tack on an ironic twist. NBC says...

Alec Baldwin was rushed to a Manhattan hospital overnight after a caller believed to be his daughter dialed 911 to say she couldn't rouse the actor. When medics got to Baldwin's Upper West Side apartment, he agreed to go to the hospital where he was treated and released after about an hour. Sources said it was Baldwin's daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger, Ireland, who made the call, telling an operator Baldwin was unresponsive. The 911 caller expressed concern that the actor was not responding and speculated about his possibly taking pills.

I don't think the cops should be able to take you away and have you examined just because one person made a phone call claiming you were gonna kill yourself. Maybe that person had no intention of really killing themselves and was just saying it to get attention. Maybe the person who said that doesn't wanna break up and swears things will be different this time. Did you ever think of that Megan?

(picture source = getty images)

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