its megan fox! sort of!


There are some people, mostly fat girls and queers, who make fun of Megan Fox because her thumbs aren't perfect. They're wider than normal. Hey, I have a question ... are you god damn kidding me.

This is retarded beyond words. Forget wide thumbs, she could have tentacles instead of arms and she'd still be the best looking girl on earth. She could have a dick and I'd still go down on her. Her vagina could have a snapping beak like a squids mouth and I'd still put my penis in there. It would be like turning down the Millennium Falcon because it didn't have a CD player.

But, whatever. The point to this is that some internet nerds were claiming she had a hand-double for her awesome Super Bowl commercial (this). And as it turns out, she did. And it was this hot bitch. Pamela Moses. And she's almost as hot as Megan, as you can see in these pictures shamelessly stolen from her myspace. But Pamela isn't just a pretty face. She's also a really smart model. As far as themes for a picture gallery go, "Point The Camera Down My Shirt" is my all time favorite.

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