jessica simpson seems flattered

By brendon February 11, 2010 @ 1:21 PM


Black and white alike all hate John Mayer now after his comments about women and race were published in Playboy yesterday. The only person who seems happy about it is Jessica Simpson in this TMZ video, because him saying she was a tiger in the sack is the best press she’s gotten in about two years. Still, it’s nice to see the races come together and agree on something, in this case that John Mayer is a jackass when he tries to be introspective. Beating up John Mayer could be the bridge that brings black and white together. That rock doesn’t care what color you are, my brothers.

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    BigBadDouche 02/11/2010 13:22


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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 02/11/2010 13:24

    BBD Get the fuck out of here with that first shit.

    NPD, again fuck you.

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    iwontrememberthis 02/11/2010 13:24

    WWTDD = TMZ now?

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    Death to Finkle! 02/11/2010 13:24


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    Death to Finkle! 02/11/2010 13:25

    Damn you!


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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 02/11/2010 13:25

    it’s been looking like TMZ in here for months. Half the stories and pics are basically cut and pasted from that site. Now you got cock gobbling ass hats dropping firsts. FUCK YOU.

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    Big Smelly Dirt Cock 02/11/2010 13:26

    I’d like to beat the shit out of the guy who shot that video for reasons I can’t really explain.

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    BigBadDouche 02/11/2010 13:27

    Fuck you DDM. Or me – whatever your pleasure.

    I fucking hate Jon Mayer. I hate his music, his attitude, his clothes and his superior airs.

    I would fuck his asshole with a chainsaw.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 02/11/2010 13:29

    BBD, just cut it out with that first bull shit. that’s for 13 year old girls and people that frequent perez hilton’s site. There ARE standards here. Low ones, but still applicable.

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    Crabbus 02/11/2010 13:29


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    DarkCherry 02/11/2010 13:30

    mmm love that red Chanel bag in the car…

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    Watt 02/11/2010 13:31

    WWTMZP (what would TMZ post?)

    Actually its funny because while I do think John Mayer is an enormous douchebag, he was 100% correct in what he said about having a “hood pass.”. As for implying his cock is racist if you can’t see that for a joke you’re retarded.

    People have way too thin skin nowadays, either that or they think they can get offended and sue over everything.

    Do I get offended when someone makes a Guido joke even though I’m part Italian? Hell no I hate jersey shore douchebags like everyone else.

    Do I get offended if someone makes an Irish drunk potato loving joke even though I’m part Irish? Nope. I loves me whiskey and me spuds.

    Seriously people, grow a pair.

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    Watt 02/11/2010 13:32

    holy fuck its crabbus! How you been buddy?

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    Crabbus 02/11/2010 13:33


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    BigBadDouche 02/11/2010 13:33

    I have a David Duke mouth.

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    Zombie 02/11/2010 13:36

    Fucking hilarious that the moment DarkCherry entered the Gaga thread a new post went up.

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    Tom Foolery 02/11/2010 13:38

    I’d have a few drinks with Mayer, he seemed fun enough on an episode of Fantasy Factory and taking advantage of his groupies would be a plus

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    marrybangkill 02/11/2010 13:47

    A very special 2-part Sports edition of marry, bang, kill – Rachel Nichols, Melissa Stark, Jeanne Zalesko

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    Slaappy 02/11/2010 13:49

    Pisst DC you got some cum on your face

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    Watt 02/11/2010 13:53

    If she swallowed we wouldn’t have this problem
    *zips up pants*

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