heidi montag is an actress now

By brendon March 16, 2010 @ 9:32 AM


When Heidi Montag got DDD implants a few months ago, people started to notice what a talented young artist she was, and everyone really respected the way she was achieving her goals and making her dreams come true.

Dreams such as being an actress for example, and yesterday she was in Malibu to film a movie called ‘Just Go With It’. It’s the story of a girl with a fantastic body who walks around a park and bends over a lot, co-starring Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know what their characters do. Hopefully nothing that blocks the view of Heidis huge tits.

(image source = pacific coast and splash news)

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    Jessica 03/16/2010 09:35

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    Mac-Daddy 03/16/2010 09:39

    apparently she has a cameo scene where she plays herself. (Hopefully its her getting killed!)

    Personally, I loved the line in the Daily News where it said “Her Manager/psychic” got her the part.

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    Tom Foolery 03/16/2010 09:43

    Damn Jessica, she’s the Terminator of Durden….it can’t be stopped, can’t be reasoned with.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/16/2010 10:08

    How much does it cost to buy a post ,seriously ????. I want to know if I can buy a post here about myself. It seems that for a fee, Br3nd0n will write about you.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/16/2010 10:09

    i cant figure out who the plug is for on this post? the movie? montog? sandler? the lost goes on and on.

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    oy 03/16/2010 10:10

    why are we not talking about the dumb bimbo with more plastic than tuppaware plant!?

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    Watt 03/16/2010 10:10


    so this has been a pretty amazing week. Closed on my place get the keys Thursday and the annoying son of a bitch who I work with got fired!

    Oh happy day!

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    oy 03/16/2010 10:11

    just say no sometimes! is it really that hard?!

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    oy 03/16/2010 10:12

    Watt- so you did get the $8k incentive then huh!?

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    Watt 03/16/2010 10:16

    The tax credit? Yes. Aparently uncle Sam is a bit slow at sending them out. After I amend my 2009 return I shouldn’t expect to see it much before next year.

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    Rokan 03/16/2010 10:16

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts!!!


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    Jessicunt 03/16/2010 10:18

    My friend told me SeekingAnalBestiality.com. It’s where many highly successful people are in search of horses for a quality relationship in their life, the same as you:)

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    Watt 03/16/2010 10:20

    Sock puppets go!

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    RangerLG 03/16/2010 10:25

    Can we please stop giving this attention whore any gratification? Fake tits does not always equal talent. The only cameo I want to see her in is her in a car driving off a cliff and exploding. Wouldn’t mind the entire Hills cast being in the trunk of that car either.

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    DarkCherry 03/16/2010 10:25

    Watt – you suddenly seem slightly more like an adult… congrats on your condo!

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    Tom Foolery 03/16/2010 10:26

    Watt good deal man, hopefully you make money off this place. Do any of you computer guys know what Jessica is, a program? Don’t know how it is able to post every new up, weird

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    Rokan 03/16/2010 10:26


    Do you have room for me now if i ever come to Utah?

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    DarkCherry 03/16/2010 10:27

    cute shorts…

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    pepper 03/16/2010 10:28

    Watt, congrats…and good luck …..now show us your tits!!!!
    oops…I mean, DC….

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    DarkCherry 03/16/2010 10:36

    see Pep this is why you shouldn’t have wifed up your baby momma….

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