is jeremy renner gay?

By brendon March 11, 2010 @ 1:50 PM


When ‘The Hurt Locker’ star Jeremy Renner got the news that he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor, some people wondered about the hug between him and his male co-star. Those stories settled down after he was reportedly hitting on Jessica Simpson at a party in Beverly Hills, but he quickly killed that rumor by telling Us magazine that they had a polite conversation for 3 minutes about hair styles and that was it. Then on Sunday he took his mom to the Academy Awards.

None of this means he’s gay of course, but the National Enquirer is reporting that he is anyway. Queerty says…

Under the editorship of David Perel, the Enquirer has enjoyed its share of outings. Larry Birkhead. Gayle King. Meredith Baxter. And yes, everyone’s favorite “hiding in plain sight” ‘mo, Anderson Cooper. The tabloid’s batting average is pretty high, which lends some credence to their claims about the Oscar-nominated actor.
The Enquirer’s main evidence comes from a quote — given to another publication years ago — from a forming acting coach, who said, “I have never had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy’s boyfriend, but the fact that Jeremy is gay has never been a primary concern.”

Come to think of it, in ‘the Hurt Locker’ he joins the military even though he’s married to Kate from ‘Lost’, and while he’s in Iraq he becomes obsessed with finding a young man that he had a relationship with.

Damn you Gay Hollywood, you got me again!

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    Watt 03/11/2010 13:52


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    Olaf Metal 03/11/2010 13:55

    NO way, next thing your going to tell me is Jake Gyllen..huh..whu… nevermind….

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    Jessica 03/11/2010 13:55

    My friend told me It’s where many highly successful people are in search of someone for a quality relationship in their life, the same as you:)

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    Observer 03/11/2010 13:56


    …good move!!

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    Watt 03/11/2010 13:57


    Brendón I know you read this shit… HELP!

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    Observer 03/11/2010 13:58

    How COULD he be gay???

    Gay guys don’t like “Theatre Arts”!!!!

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    Watt 03/11/2010 13:58

    I do my best obs.

    Now I need to practice my snorkling. B, Barb? Care to help?

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    Barbarella 03/11/2010 13:59

    I have no clue wtf CB007 is.

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    pepper 03/11/2010 14:00

    Watt is CB007………a reall pussy!!!!

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    Slaappy 03/11/2010 14:01

    David Hyde Pierce just broke out to a song and dance routine upon hearing the good news…

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    Watt 03/11/2010 14:02

    I’m also mike hunt.


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    Observer 03/11/2010 14:04

    I think Barbarella should e-mail a nude picture to any poster to beats “Jessica” to the “First” post…..

    ….agreed Barb?

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    Slaappy 03/11/2010 14:04

    Do you have any back views pics of you in a bikini? Casue I suspect you might have an awesome ass…

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    DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:04

    Why is the press trying to take any thing away from this movie? Hurt Locker was badass, and I could give a damn whether this guy is gay or not. He did a great job in that role.

    With that said, when are we gonna see some D grade starlet giving us a beaver shot getting out of a car again? That fad came and went too quickly!

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    Watt 03/11/2010 14:04

    I approve of you’re proposal obs.

    Now show them titties

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    pepper 03/11/2010 14:05

    So, Conan is going to do his show at theaters?
    People will actually pay money to see this asshole make faces and tell one or two jokes?

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    Barbarella 03/11/2010 14:05

    What if I beat Jessica to the Fist post?

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    DB's Treasure 03/11/2010 14:05

    I think all of you should climb off of Barb’s cock so you don’t inflate her ego more than it is…

    …but that’s just me

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    Observer 03/11/2010 14:05

    “who beats”…..not “to beats”

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    Tom Foolery 03/11/2010 14:06

    New girl on Durden=Fresh meat/purdy mouth in the clink

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