LeAnn Rimes and Tiger Woods? Sure, why not.

By brendon March 24, 2010 @ 3:44 PM


Porn star Devon James will be on Opie and Anthony tomorrow morning at 7:30 to talk about yesterdays claim that Tiger Woods paid her and another girl for sex in 2007. That other girl wasn’t LeAnn Rimes though. She was way back in 2002. Us Weekly says…

“(They) went out a few times” before she wed soon-to-be ex-husband Dean Sheremet in 2002, says a source.
“They hooked up and everything,” the source tells Us. “Tiger was really into her. He likes those blondes!” (wwtdd editor note- Tiger likes anything.)
Alas, Rimes’ dad protested because he thought his teen daughter was too young to date the famed golfer, seven years her senior. “Then her dad almost had a heart attack,” the source adds. “And he made her stop seeing Tiger.”

LeAnn is 27 and Tiger is 34, so if my math is right, when they dated LeAnn was 11 and Tiger was 34. What a fuckin pervert this guy is! I haven’t been this outraged since that cunt Blackjack dealer claimed his Ace and King beat my 3 and 10. I was way closer to 21! His cards didn’t even have any fuckin numbers! Are we playing 21 or … um, Knighty … Acey?

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    Woodsman 03/24/2010 15:46

    stupid, stupid, stupid post

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    SALAJ 03/24/2010 15:50

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    SCUM 03/24/2010 15:52

    Is that an old picture of Pepper in a bikini top?

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    Demon Spawn 03/24/2010 15:56

    Tiger likes blondes. Tell us something we DON’T know, like why southerns like country music so much. That shit is crazy.

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    Woodsman 03/24/2010 15:57

    … wearing his Peter Frampton wig

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    DB's Treasure 03/24/2010 15:58

    “LeAnn is 27 and Tiger is 34, so if my math is right, when they dated LeAnn was 11 and Tiger was 34.”

    That’s about as funny as Barb’s schmegma.

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    eibmoZ 03/24/2010 15:59

    Nazi Baby Zombie looks like he’s filing his nails with an emery board. Into sharp points, I’m guessing.

    I have such trouble remembering the password to this one, for some reason. It’s a short one. One letter. Towards the end of the alphabet.

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    SsnakeOil 03/24/2010 16:00

    Yet another woman I don’t want to see naked. Brendin is on a roll.

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    teutonic 03/24/2010 16:01

    Anything to get Ke$ha off the top of the page.

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    Woodsman 03/24/2010 16:01

    … so then the third Rabhi says: “Not Bar Mitzvah, Barb’s Smegma”!!!

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    SuperB 03/24/2010 16:03

    my god who cares who all he has fucked…the non fuck list would be shorter

    1. SuperB

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    SsnakeOil 03/24/2010 16:04

    Well done, Woods.

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    ohmwrecker 03/24/2010 16:04

    Did we confirm that Barb is a dude?

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    Zombie 03/24/2010 16:04

    “Anything to get Ke$ha off the top” is usually what runs through a guy’s mind once he starts sobering up.

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    pepper 03/24/2010 16:05

    SCUM…are you related to Woody Allen………..just asking………

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    pepper 03/24/2010 16:06

    Ohms..Barb and Steff are both dudes………that’s what I think…………

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    Woodsman 03/24/2010 16:06

    Ssnake: more evidence to support your position:

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    eibmoZ 03/24/2010 16:08

    And pepper is a jack ass.

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    SsnakeOil 03/24/2010 16:09

    What IS that, Woods? She looks like some kind of mutant boa-goat experiment gone awry.

  20. avatar
    SuperB 03/24/2010 16:09

    All Durdenistas pussy is questioned until proven valid by a ‘nite

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