The definitive Britney Spears picture

By brendon March 22, 2010 @ 1:27 PM


No bra. Rock hard nips. Clothes that are too small or tight for her body. Over processed hair. Uggs. A gas station. Tons of sugar.

These pictures of Britney were allegedly taken this weekend in Malibu but they look more like a seamless collage done by someone who hates her.

(image source = fame pictures)


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  1. SALAJ 03/22/2010 13:30

    My friend told me a nice place He said it’s a place where successful men and women reside in the hopes of finding love.

  2. Slaappy 03/22/2010 13:31

    She should audition as the Geico Gecko

  3. loubolb 03/22/2010 13:35

    Don’t forget the boob sweat.

  4. DarkCherry 03/22/2010 13:38

    ok so far so good on the road back to crazy Britney. now she just needs to loose the Uggs, dye the hair brown but i’d say we’re getting warmer…

  5. Chubb_Norris 03/22/2010 13:38

    She definitely has that “haven’t washed my mungy anus in a few days while I’ve been on the road” look.

  6. Rusty Sanchez 03/22/2010 13:38

    Fucking white trash train wreck.

  7. DarkCherry 03/22/2010 13:39

    wanna fanta doncha wanna…

  8. The Goop 03/22/2010 13:39

    I have some glass to cut…those nipples shall work nicely.

  9. Zombie 03/22/2010 13:40

    They must have had one of those high-powered air conditioner vents blowing down on her chest as she walked through the door.

  10. Chubb_Norris 03/22/2010 13:41

    She needs to move in with a van of Mexicans if she wants the true white trash experience.

  11. SuperB 03/22/2010 13:42

    Oh god PPPPPLEASE let crazy brit brit come back to play

  12. SuperB 03/22/2010 13:44

    Cali, I have to go play darts this weekend and this is what my team bought ME to wear as my uniform

  13. Rokan 03/22/2010 13:45


  14. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/22/2010 13:48

    and you bought 15 of those pics and posted them on your site?

    its not 2003, no one cares about Brittney, or the train werck she became, or the downfall of her career, ANYMORE!

  15. D. Znuts 03/22/2010 13:55

    Gotta be honest, those titties look badass. I want to bite them. She’s still nice and thick but lacking teh rolls. I would hit it.

    I mean she’s still a nasty troll with the emotional capacity of a 6 year old, but I would totally COHF.

  16. Observer 03/22/2010 13:55

    Britney now looks like 5 or 10 girls I have fucked…….

    …well….let me “fix” that …..I have fucked wanted to fuck

  17. SuperB 03/22/2010 13:58

    Like it Rusty…aint that the truth damnit!

  18. ohmwrecker 03/22/2010 13:58

    I’ve already seen these. Boo!

  19. pepper 03/22/2010 14:00


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