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April 10, 2010 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE – this one right here. It’s two Tyler readers in Australia in some Windows 7 contest. They told me to post their picture. I’m not sure how this helps but I agreed because I’ll do anything as long as the girl ordering me around does it with that super hot Aussie accent. And also because I thought their shirt said ‘Jugs For Windows’, and it was some kind of “put em on the glass” competition.

PAM ANDERSON – has to be reminded to wear a bra and panties on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. And also to the mall. And to her kids school. And when climbing a ladder and when wearing a white cotton dress in a rain storm. But specifically, in this story, on ‘Dancing With The Stars’. (us)

TIGER WOODS – made his return to golf yesterday at ‘the Masters’, and the TV ratings are up 50 percent from last year. Even more amazing is that he’s in a position to win. They should make him play with the other end of the club from now on. (the ap)

MICHELLE HUNZIKER – is having a nice vacation on Miami Beach. She’s been there all week, at least according to these pictures. And the tracking device I taped to her purse. (splash news)

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