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KIM KARDASHIAN - is bare ass naked in an un-retouched photo for Bazaar magazine (hq full size here). I hope she does Playboy again. Because I liked seeing her naked. Especially her boobs. I hope my insight into this matter has answered any questions you may have had. (us magazine)

KIM KARDASHIAN - is dating soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a nice contrast to her ex boyfriend Reggie Bush. In the sense that he's clearly super super off-the-charts gay. (OK magazine)

KEIFER SUTHERLAND - was thrown out of a London strip club late Wednesday night, with no shirt on, by 4 bouncers, for "disorderly conduct." IT WAS A FUCKING WEDNESDAY. God that dude is cool. (ny post)

(UPDATE!) WHY IS - a video picture set of a cute girl getting stoned off her ass so compelling to watch? It's one of lifes greatest mysteries, that neither science nor religion has yet to answer. (you tube htgb)

SOPHIE MUNK - had her car broken into in Beverly Hills. So she called the cops and then posed for pictures in skin tight leather pants. It's one of the few police reports you'd be able to jack off to.

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