kim kardashian is photogenic

By brendon April 19, 2010 @ 3:51 PM


Kim Kardashian posted this picture (full size) on her twitter page last night, behind the scenes of some photo shoot. But she didn’t say what it was for. All she said was, “Pic from my shoot yesterday…good kitty cat!” Should she be holding it like that? Is she hurting that cat? It looks like she’s hurting it. Now I’m gonna get an erection every time I see an ad for Animal Cops. Great. There’s no way that’s healthy.

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    Mike Hunt 04/19/2010 15:54

    That’s no way to hold a pussy!

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    Woodsman 04/19/2010 15:56

    I disagree – - some ladies enjoy a firm hand

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    Habitual Line Stepper 04/19/2010 15:58

    Kim Kardashian is a talentless, fat ass, materialistic slut with no real redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    This message was paid for by Habitual Line Stepper marketing media penetration Inc. Getting you more hits on Google than Charlie Sheen’s wife’s face after a binge.

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    STINKFIST 04/19/2010 15:58

    Another whore. The end of the world is at hand. You all will burn for gloryfining sex and drugs.

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    Dean Wormer 04/19/2010 15:58

    I would rather fuck the cat.

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    Woodsman 04/19/2010 15:59

    … and as far as the great sell-out debate goes, this post is more evidence for the cynics. KK used to be “goat face” and now she’s treated like an A lister. There are also at least two writers on this shite site; one loves Charlie Sheen and another hates him.

    Still, it beats workin’ for Jews.

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    Mike Hunt 04/19/2010 16:00

    Ease up Shitfist Some of us are happy being heretics.

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    D. Znuts 04/19/2010 16:00

    Hahaha another fucking Kardouchian thread. I’ll be honest, I really, really want to fuck the shit out of Kim Kardashian, but if I wanted to find out what she was doing 11 times a day I would follow her on Twatter.

    So. Fucking. Gay.

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    oy 04/19/2010 16:00

    what do you know?! the pussy matches the curtains!!!

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    Beppo 04/19/2010 16:03

    Indeed, Woodsman. Although your Canadian borth marks you as a mongrel, much like the fornicating gypys of the Black Forest, you are right about the Jews.
    Although, in my experience, they make excellent bookkeepers and fluffers once they feel the lash of the whip upon their bare buttocks.

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    Mike Hunt 04/19/2010 16:04

    There are no Jews in Utah.

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    Dean Wormer 04/19/2010 16:04

    I wonder whats on E tonight.

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    pepper 04/19/2010 16:10

    I’m not …asshamed…..I’ll fuck that pussy..if a turtle can fuck a boot, I’ll fuck the pussy!

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    Beppo 04/19/2010 16:10

    You didn’t recently purchase a domicile in a all white neighborhood, did you?

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    Mike Hunt 04/19/2010 16:11

    Doritos are delicious.

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    pepper 04/19/2010 16:12

    Even if I did have a TV, “E” would be the last thing I would fucking watch!!!!

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    pepper 04/19/2010 16:13

    Mike…do you have a camera in my place?
    * hides Doritos bad*
    Ok, how many fingers am I holding up?

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    Chicago_animal 04/19/2010 16:13

    I think she’s hot with a gorgeous ass but she has been tainted by all that coal sausage.

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    Mike Hunt 04/19/2010 16:23

    I can’t believe that fucking Brend8n keeps posting shit about this coal-burning cunt.
    We get the idea. I remember when this place was worth visiting. Now its just an epic failure.

  20. avatar
    Beppo 04/19/2010 16:24

    I feel and erection coming on. Quick, someone watch for the nurse.

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