tiger woods really is an asshole


Elin Nordegren still hasn't made it clear if she's going to take Tiger Woods back after all his whoring around, but as he prepares to return to golf this week at The Masters, it seems like she shouldn't because he hasn't changed a bit. CBS Sports says...

The world's greatest golfer said he wasn't sure what to expect from fans when he showed up at Augusta National, and was pleasantly surprised when he received a warm reception. It "touched my heart pretty good," he said. "The galleries couldn't be nicer. The encouragement that I got, it blew me away," he said. "I haven't looked forward to that first tee shot in a long time, not like this. It feels fun again. That's something that's been missing," he said. "I've won numerous tournaments in the last few years, but I wasn't having anywhere near the amount of fun, and why? Because look what I was engaged in. When you're living a life where you're lying all the time, life is not fun. And that's where I was. Now that's been stripped all away and here I am, and it feels fun again."

The best way to tell someone is lying is because they over explain everything. "I wasn't having any fun because look what I was engaged in"? STFU Tiger. Banging whores is fun. That's why it's so popular. That's he did it for years. I understand his "living a lie" point, but those quotes are the kind of thing a robot from outer space would say if you asked him about cheating and it just read off its files on human emotions but didn't really understand what he was saying. It's just what he was supposed to say. That's Tiger. He's a robot who has no idea what's going on.

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