its hayley williams from paramore. topless. on twitpic.

By brendon May 28, 2010 @ 1:46 AM


At around 8pm on Thursday night, Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, was posting some pics on her twitter page, and was even nice enough to post a topless picture of herself for about 10 minutes. But then she accidentally deleted both the post and the picture. Oops. Butter-fingers!

But needless to say I right-clicked the hell out of all this and, luckily for her, I can post it over here. No need to thank me Hayley!

SEXY TOPLESS UPDATE - now with official confirmation more or less.

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    Death to Finkle! 05/27/2010 23:52

    My goddess…

  2. avatar
    Race Bannon 05/27/2010 23:54

    Looks like Steff with that hair! Hah

    Oh and go fuck yourself SALAJ.

  3. avatar
    minimosh 05/27/2010 23:54

    I heard of this and was wondering if it would be on here!?!

  4. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/27/2010 23:55

    That band is just terrible. I like the Orange Crush hair however.

  5. avatar
    Race Bannon 05/27/2010 23:55

    Couldn’t help yourself could you mini?

  6. avatar
    pepper 05/27/2010 23:56

    what tits?
    where are they?
    Mini..we thought you were in the woods?

  7. avatar
    Death to Finkle! 05/27/2010 23:56

    I would do bad things to her.

    …and mimiso. Mimosa. Minime.

  8. avatar
    minimosh 05/27/2010 23:57

    Not at all Race.

    And…. I like the band very much so. They’re the best songs to sing along to.

  9. avatar
    pepper 05/27/2010 23:57

    BTW…Mimiso is a designer…..

  10. avatar
    minimosh 05/27/2010 23:58

    yes, pep, jewelry right? I leave tomorrow you old dear.

  11. avatar
    Race Bannon 05/27/2010 23:59

    You can barely call those things boobs…more like mosquito bites.

  12. avatar
    pepper 05/27/2010 23:59

    I think we lost ducksplatter . He is in the last thread trying to let one out to JS’s picture.

  13. avatar
    minimosh 05/28/2010 00:00


  14. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/28/2010 00:00

    I just dont like this idea of a woman fronting a band, they rarely do it correctly, their brand of emo type music is too shrieky for my ears. Leave it to Joplin and Heart.

  15. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/28/2010 00:00

    Jessica Simpson with a quite prominent camel toe.

  16. avatar
    pepper 05/28/2010 00:01

    Yes Mini…..ASIAN jewelry designer..with big tits….was a client for a few years………she was an ASIAN JEW…….always looking for a fucking discount!

  17. avatar
    The Irreverent Tony Stark 05/28/2010 00:02

    What about Amy Lee or Cristina Scabbia?

  18. avatar
    Steffabulous 05/28/2010 00:03

    I dont like Evanescence but that girl had good pipes, they were just a bit too theatrical, she screams all of their songs it feels like. Kind of like Beyonce. Screaming does not a good singer make. Then theres more stylish singers like Debbie Harry…not skill-wise good but interesting.

  19. avatar
    pepper 05/28/2010 00:03

    Well. this old man needs to sleep. She you folks tomorrow.
    Mini..remember to take pictures this weekend…
    Good night

  20. avatar
    minimosh 05/28/2010 00:04

    It’s tough to handle, Steff. Her band mates have expressed resentment of her popularity, but she’s handled well. I wouldn’t call their music “emo” either. Music is going to change over the years… does most of it suck? sure. But I like Paramore… she has an amazing voice.

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