It’s Lindsay in court

By brendon May 24, 2010 @ 3:34 PM

And here’s the video of Lindsay in court this morning. All you need to know about how shitty and useless the justice system is in LA can be summed up by the fact that there’s a fucking puppy calender on the wall of the courtroom.

It’s a calender. With pictures of puppies.

There’s a painting called “Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime”, and it shows two angels, one with a big fucking knife in his hand, hunting down a criminal (here). It was commissioned to sit behind a judges bench in his courtroom in Paris. But the puppy calender is pretty good too. I think they send the same kind of message. Especially October, because there’s a beagle in a little police outfit.


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  1. SALAJ 05/24/2010 15:40

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  2. Mac-Daddy 05/24/2010 15:45

    Hohan Post #3 – 3 more to go for the record!

  3. SCUM 05/24/2010 15:46

    If you are looking for some interesting gossip or celeb nip slip and maybe some old fashioned snark you may try anywhere else. Good luck:)

  4. Goat Effer 05/24/2010 15:49

    Do you have any pics of her eating lunch or talking on her cell phone? I’m dying to see some sets of those if you have ‘em handy. Also, what did she have for dinner on the plane on her trip back to the States and what time of the day does she normally poop?

  5. SCUM 05/24/2010 15:52

    Nice win GE.

  6. Race Bannon 05/24/2010 15:53

    Great questions Goat…I too care that much about Lindsays life.

  7. Zombie 05/24/2010 16:13

    The death of Slipknot’s bassist would be a more appealing post than this… and I fucking hate Slipknot.

  8. Zombie 05/24/2010 16:16

    BTW, it’s calendar…. you illiterate fuck.

  9. buddygroove 05/24/2010 16:18

    Wow, another topic about Lindsey Lohan….that’s not getting old at all..(sarcasm)

  10. Tito's Anal Adventures 05/24/2010 16:21

    I watched the vid. I’m tainted. But I loved her expression. The one she had.

  11. Rokan 05/24/2010 16:22


    Will you pinch my nipples? I am afraid I am losing nipple sensitivity.

  12. WOOKIE JR. 05/24/2010 16:31

    My dick is sensitive, my feelings not so much.

  13. Rokan 05/24/2010 16:31

    Watching the Lilo video is awesome.

  14. WOOKIE JR. 05/24/2010 16:35

    Being between DC’S tits is awesome.

  15. Race Bannon 05/24/2010 16:36

    Those things are scrumdiddlyuptious!

  16. Rokan 05/24/2010 16:37

    I’m going to take them down, I am a big Cali fan and not trying to give her shit.
    I, unlike Zombie, like it when pretty girls show me their nipples.

  17. WOOKIE JR. 05/24/2010 16:38

    The angry little dog does not like tittie’s, he does however like to lick his own balls.

  18. Rokan 05/24/2010 16:41

    The only thing a dog that little is good for is wiping your ass with.

  19. BALLSY 05/24/2010 16:43

    I didn’t think Black people or women could be lawyers.
    Lindsay wore a boob revealing outfit huh?
    I wanna fuck that judge bad!

  20. WOOKIE JR. 05/24/2010 16:43

    Maybe that is how the angry little dog became brown.

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