sheryl crow is in a bikini

By brendon May 28, 2010 @ 3:46 PM


48-year-old Sheryl Crow is in the Bahamas today with her adopted son Wyatt, and she has unusually defined abs for someone her age. In fact they go all the up to her neck. Put on a shirt on you damn weirdo, and then put on another one.

(note: Crow adopted Wyatt in 2007. His birth parents gave him away because they didn’t love him, more than likely because of something he did wrong. He’s bad so they gave him away. I don’t know if it’s true or not but we should tell people it’s because he wets the bed. Better safe than sorry. In fact, someone should go to his school and warn all his classmates that he wets the bed and will probably pee on them too, right here in class. This kid is like a loaded gun, and his classmates have the right to know.)

(image source = splash news online)


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  1. SALAJ 05/28/2010 14:45

    Someone told me WealthyRomanceS-COM. It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

  2. Race Bannon 05/28/2010 14:56

    Suck my cock SALAJ

  3. Silverback 05/28/2010 14:57

    That’s not Gary Coleman.

  4. RedRage 05/28/2010 14:58

    Erection eraser! My Grandmother has a better figure than Cheryl and she’s been dead for 15 years.

  5. ohmwrecker 05/28/2010 14:58

    I’m hungry for bananas and beef jerky all of a sudden.

  6. Race Bannon 05/28/2010 14:58

    Back in high school there was this really skinny girl with huge tits. We called her the skeleton with tits…Sheryl Crow is just the skeleton.

  7. Rokan 05/28/2010 14:59

    Joan Rivers is looking good.

  8. Woodsman 05/28/2010 15:00

    If she was here, she’d tell everyone to lighten up

  9. pepper 05/28/2010 15:02

    Silverback..wher have you been?
    We have a girl from NM that posts here…you may want to look her up….

  10. pepper 05/28/2010 15:03

    If she was here she would make sure to grab your one testicle…..

  11. pepper 05/28/2010 15:04

    and fuck all of you for not liking my “coitus” story…..

  12. SomeoneluvsU 05/28/2010 15:04

    Old Crow > Sheryl Crow

  13. Silverback 05/28/2010 15:05

    You know I only come here for the cutting edge news… dwarves dying, someone gnawing on Ziyi Zhang’s ass… that sort of thing.

  14. RedRage 05/28/2010 15:06

    Woods, that is fucking nasty. My Uncle worked for a funeral home. He got a call to go bag a dead guy. Well, when he got there he sees ( and smells ) that the guy died on the toilet while taking a shit 3 days ago. They had to sledgehammer the toilet bowl because the guys ass had pretty much melted into the bowl taking that shape so they couldn’t just pull him of the shitter. If that was me I’d have quit the second I heard the words shit, dead and 3 days.

  15. ohmwrecker 05/28/2010 15:07

    Didn’t she have cancer? Maybe she shouldn’t . . . soak up the sun so much.

  16. pepper 05/28/2010 15:09

    Ohm..I think it was the man with one testicle that had the cancer………

  17. ohmwrecker 05/28/2010 15:12

    Pepper, he broke up with her after she was diagnosed because he is such a great guy.

  18. SomeoneluvsU 05/28/2010 15:12

    Lance Armstrong: That bitch is crazy. To get away from her, I’d give my right…oh never mind.

  19. ohmwrecker 05/28/2010 15:13

    Then he fucked one of the Olsen twins.

  20. ohmwrecker 05/28/2010 15:14

    Lance Armstrong is an asshole.

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