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By brendon June 22, 2010 @ 6:39 PM


LADY GAGA – is a jerk according to Jerry Seinfeld.  He was asked about her drunken antics at a Mets game last week in a private luxury box that he owns and did not give her permission to use. “The woman is a jerk. I hate her. I don’t know why she’s doing this stuff. I don’t know what these young people think or how they promote their careers.” After that he yelled at the interviewer to speak up and then complained about medicine bottles being too hard to open. (popeater)

INCEPTION – has a new 2 minute trailer revealing much more about the individual characters in the only interesting looking movie all summer. What it won’t prepare you for is all the reviews with shitty ‘Dark Night’ headlines that you’ll have to endure. (youtube)

JESSICA HART – is a SI swimsuit model from Australia, and yesterday she was on the beach in the Hamptons in a bikini. I don’t have much time here, so just trust me when I say this will go much better if you put the palm of your hand over the top half of your monitor starting right now. (pacific coast)


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    SALAJ 06/22/2010 18:42

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    SCUM 06/22/2010 18:43

    BOOIIINGGGG 8=========================D

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    SCUM 06/22/2010 18:46

    Barbarella 06/22/2010 18:33

    I wanted to have a nooner today & it didnt happen.

    So I had frozen yogurt instead.

    I just wasn’t the same…
    <<<<<< Try these next time Barb, you can get your nooner and then your snack, and the come in multi paks.

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    Barbarella 06/22/2010 18:47

    What… no pics of Coco’s camel toe?

    I feel so robbed.

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    Barbarella 06/22/2010 18:48

    Wont the cold give me cramps?

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    SCUM 06/22/2010 18:59

    Not if I heat you up first. 8===========D.

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    SCUM 06/22/2010 19:01

    SCUM 06/22/2010 15:08

    Jerry Seinfeld: Lady Gaga ‘Is A Jerk’
    Got you by 4 hours Brendum.

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    MrAdams 06/22/2010 19:15

    You put up pictures of Jessica Hart when you could have put up pictures of Miranda Kerr? She’s engaged to that dude from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. No, not Johnny Depp, the un-cool one.

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    minimosh 06/22/2010 22:11

    this model isn’t doing much for me. I’m not big on kate moss body + helena Bonham head.

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    der 06/22/2010 22:55

    why don’t the attachments ever work?

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    der 06/22/2010 22:56


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    minimosh 06/22/2010 23:04

    you crasy.

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    Crestien 06/22/2010 23:41

    She’s hot… Not too famous yet though, but hell, she makes for good eye candy.

    Jessica Hart’s Tweets and Photos

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    minimosh 06/22/2010 23:56

    Crestien- are you twitters bitch? Fuck you.

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    Steffabulous 06/23/2010 00:06

    Lady Gaga is a fucking goof. I just saw that horrid Alejandro video. I couldn’t comprehend the plot, I was too amazed at all the various ways in which she’s hideous. The nostrils, the rabbit teeth I can’t make up my mind. The song sounded so ’90′s. Like Ace of Base or some shit. Someone please strangle her. The End .

  16. avatar
    minimosh 06/23/2010 00:14

    It was Madonna to me. Kind of like Isla Bonita but not as…. south american…

  17. avatar
    minimosh 06/23/2010 00:15

    The song. Not the video. The video is Vogue/Like a prayer.

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    Steffabulous 06/23/2010 00:19

    What the fuck ever. I still hate Rihanna the most. Why is she always doing an Elvis snarl? And her voice has to be the flattest most monotone shit I have ever heard. Not to mention her punctuating every other beat with “yeah…yeah..yeah” horribly repetitive songs. Fuck sakes. I dont care how attractive people think she is, get her to lose that mammoth ass and make her a model and get her the fuck off of my tv.

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    minimosh 06/23/2010 00:24

    I don’t know why people think she’s attractive. She has a forehead like a fetus.

  20. avatar
    Steffabulous 06/23/2010 00:27

    Thats funny for so many reasons. Katy Perry is awful. She has Kewpie doll cuteness but her eyes…they’re so dumb looking and glazed. Zooey Deschanel is the better of the 2. Except for her hippie ass music. Katy looks like someone whose ass you would wipe at work, Mini lol.

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