Shakira is in a bikini too

By brendon July 23, 2010 @ 1:27 PM


Yesterday Shakira put on a bikini for a photo shoot in Ibiza, and this was the first I’d heard of her in a while so I ran a search to see what she’s been up to. It turns out she does incredibly deviant hardcore porn now, either because she’s awesome or because I spelled her name wrong and clicked on a link for “Sharka”.

I was gonna run a new search with her name spelled correctly, but by then my erection was getting pretty painful.

(image source = fame)


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  1. SCUM 07/23/2010 13:30

    Slow down, your posting to fast Brendum.

  2. p e p p e r 07/23/2010 13:30

    where is the fucking bikini?

  3. rokan 07/23/2010 13:30

    No I really do have a boner.

  4. p e p p e r 07/23/2010 13:31


  5. rokan 07/23/2010 13:32


    Put a shirt on you fucking bust out!

  6. p e p p e r 07/23/2010 13:33

    we are the knights that say …….New Up

  7. Frankie Boy 07/23/2010 13:33


  8. Smacko 07/23/2010 13:34

    Why is she wearing a big shower loufa. Makes me want to wash my taint again.

  9. p e p p e r 07/23/2010 13:35

    I’m a looser..not a bust out…get it straight next time.

  10. ohmwrecker 07/23/2010 13:36

    Shakira is a perfect example of a girl I’m not really attracted to, but would fuck anyway.

  11. SinDs 07/23/2010 13:41

    i don’t get the point of the tu-tu

  12. SomeoneluvsU 07/23/2010 13:45

    gggoooollllyyyy Miss Kitty,
    Will you meet me at the saloon for a sarsaparilla
    and we can watch them there Can-Can girlies…

  13. SomeoneluvsU 07/23/2010 13:46

    And I agree with SinDs

    TaTas > Tutus

  14. SCUM 07/23/2010 13:46

    Did someone sat toot toot? Dont mess with my Toot Toot
    Dont mess with my Toot Toot
    I know you have another woman
    So dont mess with my Toot Toot

    When I was born in my birth suit
    The doctor slap her behind
    He said: Youre gonna be special
    You sweet little Toot Toot?

    So you can look as much
    But if you much as touch
    Youre gonna have yourself a case
    Im gonna break your face

    So dont mess with my Toot Toot
    Dont mess with my Toot Toot
    I know you have another woman
    So dont mess with my Toot Toot

  15. punk 07/23/2010 13:54

    She’s getting thinner and thinner because i ate her meals, i’m hungry what can i say

  16. Lightdragon2 07/23/2010 13:55

    looks the same to me.

  17. Terrence Maddox 07/23/2010 14:04

    Genius marketing. Let’s cover up her ass as much as possible it’s not like that’s anything special on her.

  18. rokan 07/23/2010 14:09

    He’s a leader of the Empire, I am a rebel. Didn’t you ever watch Star Wars?

    Here’s something for you, Pepper.

  19. Motorboat Jones 07/23/2010 14:35

    Google bomb Sharka Blue!

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