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By brendon July 15, 2010 @ 1:22 PM


MEL GIBSON – might have hit his 6-month-old daughter Lucia, causing bruises, during a fight with his ex Oksana. So really it sounds more like Oksanas fault than Mels. Stop using babies as a shield you crazy bitch. (hp)

SUICIDE GIRLS - won’t be allowed at this years Comic-Con for some dumb reason, even though they’re much more in line with that culture than shit like “Chuck”. The most popular models will be there anyway of course, like Bob Suicide (who looks like this when she starts to get naked and this a few minutes later). She’s the best thing to ever happen to comic loving nerds, and will be until science gets off their ass and finds a way for me to have sex with Kim Possible. (details on her twitter)

LINDSAY LOHAN - has hired OJ Simpsons lawyer Robert Shapiro to hopefully get her out of jail. His plan is to convince the judge she belongs in a drug rehab instead, and to blame the so-called “evidence” on ginger hating cops. (tmz)

BROOKLYN DECKER - looked great at the ESPY’s last night, and I’m devastated that I forgot to watch the show. Finally, someone figured out a way to declare a winner in sports, and I missed it! (getty)

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  1. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:26

    All Mel and Lindsay….all the time!

  2. avatar
    Zombie. 07/15/2010 13:26

    Blind people looking at me in the dark can’t see me well at all, but they will eventually, in the dark, at night, in my jam shed.

  3. avatar
    MrAdams 07/15/2010 13:30

    Decker? I hardly know her!

  4. avatar
    DarkCherry 07/15/2010 13:30

    i thought you were keeping the mel post up until 200 comments B-Don!!

    Obs – i didn’t vote for anyone. $500 for cleavage??? fuck those bitches. go out and get a job!

  5. avatar
    Zombie 07/15/2010 13:32

    Why the dot haus, too inane to clone a name identically? Amateur.

  6. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:33

    DC, marketing saw a drop in page hits, so we had to put something up, but it still had Mel and Lindsey in it so they agreed it was ok to do so.

  7. avatar
    SCUM 07/15/2010 13:35

    How are all my bust outs doing today?

  8. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:35

    OMG DC! I am LOVING that new avi you have. That Gaga is so dam original and shocking. What will she do next? Hey that gives me an idea for a new post!

  9. avatar
    DarkCherry 07/15/2010 13:36

    b -don – we’re never going to believe you’re really brando unless you post up an update on the facebook (as brando) saying your posting in the comments as B-Don….

  10. avatar
    Watt 07/15/2010 13:36

    bob suicide has some meatballs on her arms.

  11. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:40

    Be careful DC, that kind of talk will get you banned.

  12. avatar
    Zombie 07/15/2010 13:41

    Hey Elliot Aran. We’re doing fabulous. How was the bus commute to work today? Whoaaa I see you went all Mortal Kombat on a nigga!

  13. avatar
    Watt 07/15/2010 13:43

    I hate it when the skin on your fingertips starts peeling

  14. avatar
    SCUM 07/15/2010 13:44

    I walk to work Zombie, and it was quite pleasant.

  15. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:44

    How do you guys like this post? i was going to put up 29 pictures of her standing in a dress fully clothed with no boob exposure, but i figured 19 was plenty. Besides, I usually save a few for later incase it’s slow and i need to put a quick update up.

  16. avatar
    B-Don 07/15/2010 13:45

    Don’t you guys just love it that I give Zombie access to the personal data of the posters here? He keeps everyone on their toes! What a good boy he is.

  17. avatar
    DarkCherry 07/15/2010 13:46

    B-Don – you DO know i show more tits and ass here in the avis of the comments section than any of the girls on the facebook right????

    lol banned, who are you Doc?

  18. avatar
    Rokan1 07/15/2010 13:49

    Garlic makes my feet stink

  19. avatar
    Observer 07/15/2010 13:50

    Here’s a question…..that I would imagine will be treated as either rhetorical…..or unanswered……

    Why can Suicide Bob be naked…..but not the $500..00 whores……

    …and by the way Bren.D3on…..I bet you’re overpaying by $499.95

  20. avatar
    Observer 07/15/2010 13:52


    ….send me an e-mail…..

    I’ll keep it private….honestly…..

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