tyler has sexy readers

By brendon July 16, 2010 @ 4:03 PM


Page views die on Friday afternoons, so the new plan was for the sexiest girl readers to take pictures for a contest. But then this 20-year-old French student named Mareline sent pictures, and suddenly everyone agreed that a contest was an offensive waste of time. Even being a girl now seems like a complete waste of time unless you get to be Mareline. Why bother when she’s out there? Even if she died today she’d still be the hottest one for at least a month.

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    Porchmonkey4life 07/16/2010 16:04


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    redbarron77 07/16/2010 16:09

    I’d drink her dirty bath water!

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    Porchmonkey4life 07/16/2010 16:11

    I’d eat the peanuts out of her poop!

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    SCUM 07/16/2010 16:12

    Why don’t you keep this crap on your FB and bring with the snark.

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    DarkCherry 07/16/2010 16:16

    she has a Lady Gaga poster on her wall so she’s ok with me.

    but really this whole paint WWTDD on your cleavage shit is getting annoying.

    i bet half of these chicks are underage. i didn’t see anyone checking IDs at the door!

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:17

    Why don’t you anti-tit fuckers….SHUT THE FUCK UP

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:18

    This chick knows how to enter a contest!!!

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    pepper 07/16/2010 16:20

    Observer, at your age, I guess any picture will do for you ?

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:20

    Why doesn’t Mel Gibson try and hook-up with a babe like this one?

    …bet she’d blow him without him playing this song……


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    smackers 07/16/2010 16:20

    christ that’s a nice rack of lamb.

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:21


    ….at my age……..anything does it for me……

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    SCUM 07/16/2010 16:22

    She has GaGa and GnR on her wall and she is french, 3 strikes.

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    pepper 07/16/2010 16:22

    A gust of wind?

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:24

    Dark Cherry…..

    …by the way……from my perspective…..this chick does NOT have WWTDD painted on her “cleavage”……

    …but I’ll give her an ‘A’ for effort…

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    Observer 07/16/2010 16:25


    …when I’m wearing my Kilt….a gust of wind is like Kelly Brook’s appearance on WWTDD in 2007

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    Just the Tip 07/16/2010 16:25

    DC! Ssshhhhh!

    Don’t ask, don’t tell!

    …and email. ;)

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    Just the Tip 07/16/2010 16:32

    How do you know she’s French, SCUM?

    Did I have to read for that or something? Read? Really? This site, and more specifically… THIS POST?

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    salley 07/16/2010 16:33

    She hangs Lady Gaga pictures up in her room? Pass, thank you…

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    SomeoneluvsU 07/16/2010 16:33

    While covering your boobs with your hands may technically be considered “topless”

    Come on now….I DESERVE TO BE BLOWN FIRST!!!!!!

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    BloodyWilliam 07/16/2010 16:43

    Would. Smash. Mercilessly.

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