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By brendon July 21, 2010 @ 11:00 AM


THE RIDDLER – will be the villain (probably) in Christopher Nolans third Batman movie, and might be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who Nolan just worked with in ‘Inception’. A better choice from ‘Inception’ would be Tom Hardy, who played the forger (and was unfuckingbelievable in ‘Bronson’). That dude is one of the best actors alive. But not as good as Sinamon, this stripper I met Friday. Turns out she just wanted my money. (first showing)

THE GOON – is one of the coolest looking comics around, and now the movie produced by David Fincher finally has a teaser trailer. Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown voice the leads as mob enforcers who battle monsters. Like zombies. And I guess ghosts. Maybe the monster of bigotry. Or Eskimos, and litterbugs. Wow this is gonna be a long movie. (latino review)

BRITNEY SPEARS – was at a Crate and Barrel in Sherman Oaks yesterday, and I don’t usually post full size pictures in a post, but former sex objects don’t usually wear cut off dockers and hunting boots either. She probably left empty handed because she wanted to buy an actual barrel. The Spears family moonshine recipe is very specific about that. (fame)


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  1. RedRage 07/21/2010 11:52

    Semen Shamwow!

  2. MrAdams 07/21/2010 11:52

    I’m tempted to move into Britney’s double-wide with her. She looks like a gal that knows how to please her man.

  3. AlabasterCockmaster 07/21/2010 11:52

    She dropped off the radar like a French flight from Brazil.

  4. RemSteale 07/21/2010 11:55

    Britney is definitely rocking the single mom look.

    Tom Hardy was unfuckingbelievable in Bronson.

  5. AncoBluzea 07/21/2010 11:58

    she has the same talent today she has always had….nada. at least she used to be kinda hot.

  6. SinDs 07/21/2010 12:00

    you know, i really don’t think she looks too bad

  7. RemSteale 07/21/2010 12:00

    Yep, she certainly wouldnt look as good in a schoolgirl outfit today

  8. Slaappy 07/21/2010 12:03

    Dance it off Britney like my beloved Richard Simmons!

  9. Watt 07/21/2010 12:10

    I could see him as the riddler

  10. RemSteale 07/21/2010 12:15

    Richard Simmons as The Riddler would be a blast

  11. ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 12:18

    Rem, that sounds like something Joel Schumacher would have done.

  12. ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 12:19

    And, yes. I would still bang the boots off Britney.

  13. RemSteale 07/21/2010 12:19

    Batsuit with nipples is like sparkly vampires, the perpetrators should be burned at the stake

  14. ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 12:19

    Shit! What is going on in the back of her head?!

  15. RemSteale 07/21/2010 12:20

    You might have to provide her with a bucket from Popeyes Ohm, but I think she’s become a possible now

  16. Watt 07/21/2010 12:25

    Christopher fucking Walken

  17. DarkCherry 07/21/2010 12:26

    ohhhh i have those shorts!!!

  18. RemSteale 07/21/2010 12:27

    You probably look better in them though DC

  19. DarkCherry 07/21/2010 12:28

    well i certainly don’t wear them with ratty extensions and combat boots… so i think that helps.

  20. ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 12:28

    Rem, she’s been a realistic possibility for quite a while now.

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