Jessica Alba forgot something

By brendon August 27, 2010 @ 11:54 AM


Jessica Alba had a rooftop photo shoot in LA yesterday, and when she stood near the edge you could kind of see up her dress. But not enough to see anything great. It was pretty disappointing. In fact, considering what was at stake, I don’t think it’s unmanly to admit that I cried for over an hour.

(image source = fame)

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    MrAdams 08/27/2010 11:55

    These photos suck.

  2. avatar
    Zombie 08/27/2010 11:56

    You suck bitch. These photos are awesome!

  3. avatar
    Bongo 08/27/2010 11:58

    the pics suck. zombitch your table is set. now fuck off……

  4. avatar
    punk 08/27/2010 12:00

    It’s called a G-String, hence you don’t see a pantie… You sir deserve an anal stretch.

  5. avatar
    Zombie 08/27/2010 12:01

    Oh I was talking about THESE…

  6. avatar
    JRS2 08/27/2010 12:04

    So because granny panties aren’t clearly visible means she isn’t wearing anything?

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    Chicagoaniml 08/27/2010 12:07

    She is one of the hottest celebs around!

  8. avatar
    Just the Tip 08/27/2010 12:17

    That fucking possessed bitch popped up right outta her ass!

    Goddamn these ads!

  9. avatar
    Death to Finkle! 08/27/2010 12:21

    If that had been “your table is sat” instead of “set”, well, pure gold.

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    i hate you 08/27/2010 12:23

    does she have a new movie coming out or something……

  11. avatar
    Just the Tip 08/27/2010 12:30

    See there? Proof that there is no God.

    If ever the wind needed to blow, it was right then.

  12. avatar
    The Ghost of Dino 08/27/2010 12:39

    She’s old news. Had a kid, cant act, who cares.

    I remember when “Dark Angel” first came on TV, I thought: Incredibly hot girl, lets check it out. Only to find that even if she had been naked the whole time, I couldnt tolerate her insufferable acting for more than 3 minutes.

  13. avatar
    Watt 08/27/2010 12:44

    Yup. Slow day.

  14. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/27/2010 12:47

    Ghost of Dino, I could not agree with you more.

  15. avatar
    Zombie 08/27/2010 12:54

    Haha, I knew Dirt wouldn’t be able to handle the jerseywaterfall!

  16. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/27/2010 13:00

    Z, you care much too much about me and this site. you really do bro.

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    LOMebay21 08/27/2010 13:02

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  18. avatar
    Zombie 08/27/2010 13:04

    Says the guy with an avatar of me. Great point shitbag.

  19. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/27/2010 13:07

    i cut and pasted your head on a pic. You seem to like to take it a bit further. But what do i know, I used to think you took people personal info and pics and put them on display here. I know now that i was completely wrong. You would never do anything like that. Have a nice Friday buddy. I’m sure you have something totally bad ass planned.

  20. avatar
    Zombie 08/27/2010 13:13

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

    can we please for the love of god get some more lohan updates? i want to know what she is doing RIGHT NOW!!?!?!?!?! is she sleeping? is she wearing that same flannel she wore last night? does she use a pillow-top mattress? does she sleep on a sleep number bed? what’s her sleep number? does she eat blueberry or chocolate chip muffins in the morning? what TV shows does she like to watch? what color are her nails? what is her favorite purse designer? where does she go to practice all her lines and revise her “scripts”? Where is her agent? where is her lawyer? where is her mother? where is her sister? where does she go tanning? does she tan at home? is she back with sam? are her and her father on speaking terms yet? are they going to get family therapy? are they going to let her sister stay with here still? does her probation allow her to be out past midnight? what kind of gas does she use? does she finance or lease her cars? how many square feet is her house? how many houses does she have? does she like the show 30 rock? i hear it’s really great. Does she have any work lined up? is she going to cut another album? is she going to paris to model? is she eating a healthy diet? is she still taking pills for add? Is she allowed back in the clubs? does she still have the scram bracelet? What rate does she have on her CD’s? what Type of cell phone does she use? does she use moisturizer daily? does she use an all organic line of makeup? does she like cocks again? does she plow her self with a jelly dildo, or a vibrator? Is she going to the gym again? what gym does she belong to? what does she wear to the gym? does she have a line of gym clothes she sells? I need to know.

    That being said, Z cares way too much about this site.

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