Justin Bieber got hit in the face with a water bottle

By brendon August 09, 2010 @ 3:56 PM

In between songs at a concert in Sacramento, some music lover in the audience did what all of us were thinking and threw a water bottle at Justin Biebers face. Is there some kind of brick shortage I don’t about?

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    Porchmonkey4life 08/09/2010 15:58

    I doubt this upset him being that he has cocks and balls shoved into his face all the time.

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    Dee Dee Emm 08/09/2010 16:00

    since today is allllll about cut and paste….

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    LingLing 08/09/2010 16:01

    That wasn’t a water bottle, it was my splooge bottle. I want him to have my baby!

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    gkline 08/09/2010 16:01

    balls, bottles..it’s all the same shit…he’s used to getting hit in the face.

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    Dee Dee Emm 08/09/2010 16:02

    This kid is so gay he doesn’t even understand how much he loves the cock yet.

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    teutonic 08/09/2010 16:14

    If only that bottle had been filled with gasoline and lit…

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    minimosh 08/09/2010 16:16

    I gets it in.

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    MrAdams 08/09/2010 16:23

    I’d never throw a water bottle at Bieber. But, then again, I would never be in the crowd to begin with, so I’d never have a chance to throw a water bottle at Bieber.

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    SCUM 08/09/2010 16:27

    I think Emma Watson was thinking of him when she cut her hair.

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    Bongo 08/09/2010 16:28

    DDM only you can relate to the kid. Now make me a 7 & 7 you cocksucker.

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    rokan 08/09/2010 16:29

    He’s got worms.

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    Chicagoaniml 08/09/2010 16:39

    Yes, everyone has access to bricks at a concert.

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    KoJo2389 08/09/2010 16:42

    Next: flaming cocktail bomb.

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    Death to Finkle! 08/09/2010 16:46

    I just dropped a brick in the sink.

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    KoJo2389 08/09/2010 16:53

    Why the fuck is this newsworthy anyway? It happened fucking months ago.

    At least it’s not Lindsay? (*Waits for the backfire and subsequent LiLo post…*)

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    MongroJacksonII 08/09/2010 16:54

    Put a wig on that kid and I’d put him on the corner to make Mongro some money.

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    Watt 08/09/2010 16:57

    Fucking canadians.

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    URgfLOVESme 08/09/2010 17:02

    Screw the brick… toss the whole wall at him…

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    SCUM 08/09/2010 17:07

    I want to make a brick of hash.

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