‘Machete’ is gonna be a good movie

By brendon September 01, 2010 @ 11:45 AM

Robert Rodriguez got a lot of free press for his new movie ‘Machete’ when he cast Lindsay Lohan in a minor but pivotal role as a famous girl with big boobs who appears naked in the movie ‘Machete’. But who knew that the super hot Mayra Leal was gonna be naked too?

Hopefully she did, because she hides a cell phone in her vagina in this clip that’s leaked online, and if they just kind of sprung this on her at the last second, or worse, if she didn’t know they were filming, she’s probably gonna be pretty embarrassed.

She shouldn’t be though because that’s what I would do if I had a vagina too. Hide things in it. Like candy when I went to the movies. I’d be like a kangaroo.

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    rokan 08/31/2010 20:20

    I doubt it.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 08/31/2010 20:34

    “We’ve got the reception thing licked … and you’ll never guess how we did it” ~ Apple, iPhone 5 pre-release

    I’ve already ordered mine, in fact, it’s that one right there. See, I’m what you call an early adopter.

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    DennisThe 08/31/2010 20:39

    This movie looks amazing! Lohan topless is just a side dish. The real meal is Danny Trejo. It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

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    rokan 08/31/2010 20:47


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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 20:54

    This movie will blow as much as LILO can does on a daily basis……
    How is everyone doing?
    How many puppets live at this site?
    My personal opinion, if it wasn’t for the puppets, this place would suck more then this movie….

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 20:55

    what ever you need to get off your chest, say it fast,,,the wife will return shortly…I’m on a short leash….

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 20:55

    hi Rokan…*wiggles penis on his face*

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 21:00

    Not sure if you people noticed…but there are NO women here…Miniretardmosh does not count as one………Zombie and Watt make a better woman.

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 21:03

    Well, I hear the wife pulling up the driveway…It was fun stopping for a few..YOU chicken shits……
    I will now quote Mel….Remember people, be good to your parents, they’ve been good to you……

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 21:04

    and now…back to FaceBook….

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    Observer 08/31/2010 21:04

    This is hardly news…..

    …women have been stuffing cellphones in their pussies since the “vibrate” function was invented…..

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    Observer 08/31/2010 21:05


    …are you Pepper….or Zombie?

    …suck on my tip and see if I can distinguish….

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    Observer 08/31/2010 21:07


    …if it weren’t for Puppets….

    …this place would have only 16 user names….

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    rokan 08/31/2010 21:09

    :: Comes in back door whistling ::

    I smell squirrel.


  15. avatar
    Observer 08/31/2010 21:13

    My 2 year old thinks squirrels are chipmunks….

    …my hand is chapped from beating her because of the error

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 21:18

    Observer, by last count , you might be correct..20 user tops………
    Rokan, have you de-wormed anybody in the last few weeks?
    You miss me?

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    pepperjr. 08/31/2010 21:21

    BTW, squirrels…chipmunks….what’s the difference….we both like nuts……*wink*

  18. avatar
    Observer 08/31/2010 21:22


    …clench your cheeks…….he’s not really looking for worms….

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    MrAdams 08/31/2010 21:24

    I smell varmint poontang.

  20. avatar
    rokan 08/31/2010 21:24

    Observer, I take my hobby seriously. Worms must be eradicated.


    I thought you got caught behind the Korean delicatessen and got made into soup.

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