Ashlee Simpson has short hair now, is a robot

By brendon October 13, 2010 @ 5:53 PM

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson showed off her new super-short haircut today in New York, and also the fact that she’s either a wax figure or robot now. Which actually makes her much more useful than the old Ashlee Simpson.

As you can see, she can hold up to one hat, and I’ve been led to believe that robots can vacuum. Can this one vacuum? Either way, now we can punch Ashlee Simpson and not feel bad about it or go to jail. I think they’re gonna sell a lot of these.

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    MisterD 10/13/2010 17:58

    Neck like she could french kiss giraffes- fugly whore. Why is she even reported on?

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    MisterD 10/13/2010 17:59

    8 photos of a scarecrow looking weirdo. Damn this bitch is scary ugly. She is about as ugly as the Gollum looking Sister of that soon to be whore Miley Cyrus

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    SCUM 10/13/2010 18:01

    Is that the cross dressing singer that Gavin was blowing?

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    SCUM 10/13/2010 18:03

    She should change her name to Gastly Simpson.

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/13/2010 18:06

    she’s good to keep around at holiday time. You can used that god dam jaw to crack wallnuts with all winter long!

  6. avatar
    rokan 10/13/2010 18:08

    I like these girls better.

  7. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/13/2010 18:08

    Plastic surgery did shit for her…..FUGLY!!!

  8. avatar
    rokan 10/13/2010 18:11

    I bet her clam smells alot like a ball-sack.

  9. avatar
    ronpechstein 10/13/2010 18:14

    She Looks like Mac Tonight with that half moon face. Maybe Mc Donald’s will hire her for her next commercial.

  10. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/13/2010 18:14

    is it really 8 pics? or 4 pics, put up 2 times each?

  11. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/13/2010 18:15

    I’d rather fuck her fat cow of a sister……I bet she tips over easy….

  12. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/13/2010 18:17

    i also would much rather fuck her sister. I’d be afraid ashley’s jaw might accidentally puncture my scrotum at any moment.

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    MisterD 10/13/2010 18:19

    The amazing thing is that this bitch has the ego of a chick who believes the bullshit. I hope she gets some intravenous drug addiction

  14. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/13/2010 18:22

    Can she get Aids from fucking Pete in the ass with her strap-on?

  15. avatar
    rokan 10/13/2010 18:25

    Pete Rose?

  16. avatar
    i hate you 10/13/2010 18:28

    that chin looks like family guy’s – holy shit

  17. avatar
    Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/13/2010 18:33

    who the fuck is “family guy’s”

    do you mean Peter Griffin, one on the characters IN “Family Guy”?

  18. avatar
    i hate you 10/13/2010 18:38

    yeah. peter griffin – the main fucking character. good thing you have the brain’s to figure out my completely ambiguous stupidity.

    who is the ugly gay boy in your avi?

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    johnnyglassofmilk 10/13/2010 18:41

    Somebody glued some extra chin on her jar.

  20. avatar
    SCUM 10/13/2010 18:45

    <<< She looks more like Herbert the Pervert to me.

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