Justin Timberlake cheated on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn

By brendon October 27, 2010 @ 3:30 PM

olivia_munn_10 The new Us magazine says that Justin Timberlake banged Olivia Munn for three straight days this past September, and who could blame him for that, except of course his girlfriend Jessica Biel. Who probably, instead of congratulating him, will get all whiny about it.

Timberlake, 29, and Munn, 30, first met at a Sept. 26 MySpace event. After exchanging numbers, he “started chasing her immediately,” says an insider. Munn resisted his advances, telling him it was a no-go if he was still with Biel, 28. But Timberlake “has been telling people it’s over with Jessica, even though “the reality is he’s just doing it behind her back.” Believing he had left Biel and that her relationship with Timberlake might develop into something serious, Munn took him to her hotel, the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC, Sept. 27 and 28, where “they were openly affectionate,” the insider adds. The insider tells Us the two “had amazing sex” that night.

If I ever get caught up in a lurid Hollywood sex scandal like this, I hope I have a source who says things like we had amazing sex. If they said, “Brendon mostly apologized and then cried,” you can see how that wouldn’t be quite as good.

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    Barbarella 10/27/2010 15:36

    Who is this chick again?

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    Gildorg 10/27/2010 15:38

    Wow, Justin Timberlake is on top of the world these days.

    Got pretty good reviews for his performance in The Social Network.

    Topped his career off with doing the Voice of Boo-Boo in the new Yogi Bear Movie!

    He was banged Britney, then Jessica Biel and now apparently Olivia Munn, the Nerd’s Goddess!

    Way to go, Justin!

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    rokan 10/27/2010 15:39

    Good Morning, Nurse!!!

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    MrAdams 10/27/2010 15:40

    I read somewhere that Justin Timberlake also banged Justin Bieber. So there you go.

  5. avatar
    Barbarella 10/27/2010 15:40

    I don’t think she’s all that great… sorta average looking really. Well ok, slightly above average cuz she’s not fat…

  6. avatar
    rokan 10/27/2010 15:43

    She really should wear those shoes on the couch. She’s gonna pierce the fabric.

  7. avatar
    mikey the retard 10/27/2010 15:44

    i wood lik to touch her on the labias

  8. avatar
    Barbarella 10/27/2010 15:44

    Agreed Rokan. Especially since she probably got the couch at WalMart… along with her lawn chair..

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    NudeTwister 10/27/2010 15:50

    JT has hit a lot of ass in his day- he’s working his way into Scott Baio status.Olivia Munn- aka attack of the Show is FUCKING INSANE SEXY

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    DasBrain 10/27/2010 15:54

    Wait… they met at a MySpace Event? I thought he was one of the founders of Facebook? You mean that wasn’t real?

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    Watt 10/27/2010 15:56

    Only 3 days?


  12. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 10/27/2010 15:57


    Are those brown men from down the street still harassing you?

  13. avatar
    mikey the retard 10/27/2010 16:02

    i do not talk to the brown men mr. sensei. they were in the ally and i found matches there. i am not asposed to have fire but i did and i lit a wrom on fire

  14. avatar
    rokan 10/27/2010 16:04

    Lit a worm on fire, you say?

    Good for you, Mikey.

    Nothing good ever came from a worm.

  15. avatar
    Zombie 10/27/2010 16:04

    Geez can’t a guy get a little strange without the tabloids ratting him out? It’s times like this I am thankful to be a Z list celebrity.

  16. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 10/27/2010 16:06

    Fuckin Greta

  17. avatar
    KoJo2389 10/27/2010 16:07

    Its NOT Playboy if there’s no nudity. Might as well be Maxim.

  18. avatar
    rokan 10/27/2010 16:20

    “I’m picking out a thermos, for you . . . . “

  19. avatar
    Sensei John Kreese 10/27/2010 16:21

    Good for you Mikey.

    I’m glad you’re standing up to them.

    Now if you can just get that man from the pool to stop touching your bathing suit area, you’ll be fine.

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    Fang Wu 10/27/2010 16:22

    Munn: Are you and Jess still together?
    JT: Yes?
    Munn: Then we can’t fuck
    JT: I meant no?
    Munn: Cool but I won’t do ATM if Mike Myers is watching.
    Munn: OK I will but he has to put me in the next Shrek.

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