Miranda Kerr is naked

By brendon October 20, 2010 @ 5:46 PM


About 5 months ago, Miranda Kerr looked in the mirror ago and thought, “gosh, instead of looking really hot, wouldn’t it be great to look like complete hell. And to have some parasite living inside me and feeding off me, like in that movie Alien.” And so she got pregnant.

Luckily, before doing that, she took off all her clothes and walked around a beach and let someone take pictures of it. So you can either be a little girl and go read a book like some fag, or you can click RIGHT HERE, and begin an erotic journey to an oasis of carnal delights.

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    SkippyHandleman 10/20/2010 17:49

    meh. show yer pussy.

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    i hate you 10/20/2010 17:57

    fuck you skippy i ain’t doing it

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    minimosh 10/20/2010 18:02

    image 6 looks like a treacherous place to fall asleep.

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    SCUM 10/20/2010 18:07

    This is to artsy for me, I by to artsy I mean I would have to jack off while wearing a velvet smoking jacket, partaking in a fine cigar and sipping some V.S.O.P.

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    LuckyBastard 10/20/2010 18:10

    Now thats a piece of ass I could sink my teeth into…..

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    Observer 10/20/2010 18:14


    ….I don’t think she’s sleeping….I think she is letting the surf give her a quick douche……

    …Cold, salty and clean

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    Observer 10/20/2010 18:17

    I’m considering googling to figure out who she is and why I’m reading about her…..

    ….but my right-click finger needs a rest…..

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    Woodsman 10/20/2010 18:19


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    i hate you 10/20/2010 18:22

    this is boring other than the ass close ups which are still kind of boring. i need some sort of stimulation. i am gonna slam my cock in the door jam. brb.

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    Observer 10/20/2010 18:24

    The water is TOO DAMN HIGH…..

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    Gildorg 10/20/2010 18:26

    Gee, I kind of expected more!

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    i hate you 10/20/2010 18:26

    fUCK that fELT gOOD

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    rokan 10/20/2010 18:46

    New up, since Brend8n was fucking himself all day we can expect another post about midnight.

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    Joust 10/20/2010 18:48

    OR… you could go get a fucking life Rokan.

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    Rimbaud 10/20/2010 19:00

    Bitch is FUG

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    Tasty Waves and a Easy F Bud :: Agent Bedhead 10/22/2010 00:20

    [...] Mystery Ass: Shadowy & obscure enough? (WWTDD) [...]

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