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By brendon October 14, 2010 @ 7:02 PM


KIM KARDASHIAN – was naked in silver paint earlier this week, and some UHQ scans have finally made it online. I wonder how they got the paint so deep into her ass, because, it is all the way in there. Did someone have to stand there and hold her ass apart? It’s almost like this entire concept was thought up backwards, with the starting point being, “I want to rub Kim Kardashians ass for 30 minutes. How can I trick her into it?” (twitter)

CHRISTINA AGUILERA – has filed for divorce from Jordan Bratman, confirming reports that their 5 year marriage and 8 year relationship has come to an end. The story was too boring to find out why they’re divorcing, so I’m just gonna tell everyone it’s because he’s queer now. (e! news)

BILL O’REILLY – was on ‘the View’ this morning, and since Whoopi Goldberg are Joy Behar are both practically retarded, they give up and run away when they can’t get out of the corner that their horrible debating skills have put them in. How embarrassing, and how disrespectful to their employer Barbara Walters who was sitting right there. You should always respect your boss. That’s why I have all my interns bow to me when they enter the room like I’m some Japanese king. (video under the cut)

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    duckbutter 10/14/2010 19:07

    fisty mcfisterson

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    i hate you 10/14/2010 19:10

    billy oreilly blowsy.

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    duckbutter 10/14/2010 19:17

    that’s mr fuckdutter to you pal

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    Habitual Line Stepper 10/14/2010 19:25

    I agree, it’s important to give more media time and sit down with psychotic fear-mongering racist right wing sociopaths like Bill O’Reilly and discuss things rationally.

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    coolnamehere 10/14/2010 19:36

    “I’ll show you the poll later”

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    MrAdams 10/14/2010 19:44

    They ought to have Bill O’Reilly on “The View” more often if it will keep those two nasty assed cunts off the stage. They had a hissy fit and stormed out because his “view” wasn’t the same as their ivory tower “view”. Fuck them skanks.

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    juvination 10/14/2010 19:52

    geez, walters. get those hens on some leashes…amiright?

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    Rimbaud 10/14/2010 19:57

    Apparently, O’Reilly like most americans are too stupid to realize that the “ground zero mosque” is not actually a fuckin’ mosque.

    Whoppie & Joy are fuckin’ retards too though.

    Ugh, fuck ‘em all.

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    Boss B 10/14/2010 20:15

    You can’t have a “rational” discussion with someone like O’Reilly.. Fuck that crowd for applauding when he said 70% don’t want it there… 70% probably don’t want it there because their too stupid to know its not even a fucking mosque. Its a community center open to all with 2 floors for prayer…

  10. avatar
    MrAdams 10/14/2010 20:35

    Semantics. We all know it would be seen as a monument to terrorists. Or am I being too obtuse?

  11. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/14/2010 20:41

    Thank God / Allah for not blessing me with a TV.
    Who gives a shit of any of the people posted here…..

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    Habitual Line Stepper 10/14/2010 20:41

    Who’s gonna be the one to tell Bill that the American banking system completely failed two years ago do to extremely questionable investment practices from an unregulated financial sector which caused an international recession and governments around the world to have to respond with an unparalleled amount of bailout funds from their already failing economies barely staving off a complete financial freeze and meltdown which would have in turn created a sociological frenzy of panic which would make the freaky shit after Katrina look like a pre schooler picnic thus ending the experiment of free market Capitalism although most people don’t realize it yet and fear irrational attacks from abroad when ironically the system has been completely drained from the corporations and their moral-less CEO’s from within.

    Cause I don’t want to be the guy.
    He’s gonna freak out for sure.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 10/14/2010 20:42

    Hey Boss B (or better known as dipshit supreme), THEY call it a mosque. The founder has referred to it numerous times as a mosque, as have many of the supporters. But now suddenly it’s not because it’s better PR? Go fuck yourself you useful idiot.

    Great, the woman who said a 13 year-old girl getting fucked in the ass against her will (while drugged) wasn’t “Rape rape” and Behar (who’s said more blatantly anti-Christian things than any other broadcaster in America) were offended because O’Reilly said something true, that every person who attacked us on 9/11 (and everyone who financially and physically supported them) were Muslims.

    And people wonder why Muslim extremism is spreading in almost every country in Europe?

  14. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/14/2010 20:45

    I for one am in favor of throwing all the Muslims back to the fucking sand……who’s with me..raise your hands…..

  15. avatar
    The Mildly Tanned Knight 10/14/2010 20:45

    “I agree, it’s important to give more media time and sit down with psychotic fear-mongering racist right wing sociopaths like Bill O’Reilly and discuss things rationally.”

    If you think Bill O’Reilly is “Right wing” (let alone a racist sociopath), then you are too stupid to be commenting on politics.

  16. avatar
    pepperjr. 10/14/2010 20:47

    I agree with TNTK….(or better known as dipshit supreme),
    I need more wine please…BRB

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    i hate you 10/14/2010 21:28

    HLS, what you speak may be true. don’t forget about why this happened…it’s really about taking all the money from those at the bottom and giving it to those at the top bc 95% of all the money just wasn’t enough….i hate them all. fuck off….oreilly….and fuck off fox news…..and…..fuck…off……cnn…..and hey fuck you too brendan!

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    Admiral 10/14/2010 21:42

    Haha, Bill OReilly is way too smart for that show. Those women are fucking mentally crippled by their ideology.

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    BlackTar 10/14/2010 21:44

    Those fucks all know it’s not a mosque. They’re just paid enough to say it is. Good on Whoopi and Joy for walking off when he was talking over them and obviously trying to start a conflict just so he could, in turn, attract even more viewers to that freakfest of insanity that they call Fox News.

    Bill O was in IronMan 2. Further proof that he’ll be a fucktard on tv for the highest bidder and say whatever he’s told to say.

    No hate like manufactured rightard hate.

  20. avatar
    Admiral 10/14/2010 21:45

    Wow, I should have read the comments first. Some of you guys are too stupid to be typing with you fingers.

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