Ke$ha is in a bikini

By brendon November 10, 2010 @ 1:35 PM


Ke$ha, who is 23, wore a bikini on Bondi Beach in Australia earlier today, and my eyes are aching… with pleasure! Whiskey and gummi bears must be filled with vitamins because she looks terrific. What a sexy young girl!

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    MrAdams 11/10/2010 13:38

    Geeez, Ke$ha is making Pink look do-able.

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    Gildorg 11/10/2010 13:38

    Pass the Bourbon! I need some Major Googles for this one!

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    The Original Lo Rider 11/10/2010 13:41

    What the hell happened to the sun? Don’t UV rays work on this poor girl?

    Boys tryna touch her junk???


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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/10/2010 13:43

    12 pics of this was not necessary. I hate your existence…..

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    GivinUpTheFight 11/10/2010 13:43

    She’s not swimming, she’s fishing. Her hair is so crusty and disgusting it funcitons like a net.

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/10/2010 13:45

    its like her ass was surgically removed. I don’t think asses can get any flatter with out being concaved. I think i would kill myself if i looked like Courtney love does now, at the age of 23…..please someone send this girl a rope and the key to a dark room….

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/10/2010 13:46

    look at pic 6….. how does she sit on the toilet and not fall in? how does she shit out of that thing?

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    Tom Foolery 11/10/2010 13:47

    You know what, still easy last call material.

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    Reverendfury 11/10/2010 13:47

    I will be sending WWTD a bill to clean the vomit off of my computer.

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    CB007 11/10/2010 13:52

    That is so disgusting… how old is she?!? WTF?!?

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    tennsc 11/10/2010 13:53

    Ze goggles they do NOTHING!!!!!

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    Tom Foolery 11/10/2010 13:56

    Spray on tan, few minutes on the ab ball and some squats then….bam! No problem at all

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    Mac-Daddy 11/10/2010 13:57

    she needs to hang around uglier people to look better by comparison!

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/10/2010 13:57

    bitch has no tone:

    Tone Deaf, and no body tone. She is un-toned.

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    Nonpopulist 11/10/2010 13:58

    How many kids has she had? All C-sections I presume?

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    Tom Foolery 11/10/2010 14:00

    Throw in large bank roll and free trip to Australia and average looking young friends with her and we have a party

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    SCUM 11/10/2010 14:02


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    Zombie 11/10/2010 14:02

    Boardwalk Empire is about to get bloody, we got ourselves a hit man now in Atlantic City.

    Fuck yes, Jimmy is getting ready to bring the fucking pain to Luciano’s crew. Hope he slaughters that weirdo fed too for fucking with his dough.

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    CB007 11/10/2010 14:03

    At least Tom is honest… ;)

    Her flabby, mushy looking stomach makes me naseous…

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    Gildorg 11/10/2010 14:10

    I have to agree on the last call vote!

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