who is the windows phone girl in lingerie who says “really”?

By brendon November 16, 2010 @ 1:17 PM


So last night, in between Michael Vick fisting the Redskins, that Windows phone commercial came on, the one that has people saying “really?” and plays In The Hall Of The Mountain King, but much more importantly has that amazing piece of ass in lingerie trying to get the attention of her husband, who I assume is gayly texting his homosexual lover.

And since her breasts kinda bounce when she throws the pillow at the guy looking up the record for the most cocks ever crammed in to one mouth, and everyone goes insane with desire when they see her, this was a huge topic on my twitter. But who is she? Where did this siren come from, and are there pictures of her naked?

Thankfully, diggitydigs on twitter had the answer. The “really” girls name is Christina Cuenca, and she’s the 2006 Miss Louisiana.

In summation, I may have found my calling. I have a website, and I’m very very lonely with nothing better to do than stalk hot girls on the internet, so if there’s someone special in your heart like Christina, email me and maybe we can find out who she is. And by that I mean, hopefully someone will just tell us. What am I, in the NSA, I don’t know how to find these girls. If I knew how to track down hot chicks do you think I’d be here talking to your loser ass every day. Uhh, um, I mean… I love you!

SEXY UPDATE – as several dozen emails graciously pointed out, Christina and her perfect body also star in this Dodge commercial.

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    MrAdams 11/16/2010 13:27

    Yeah, she sure makes Kesha look like dog food.

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    Cloak 11/16/2010 13:33

    Pfft, 4chan and SA have been doing the internet detective game longer than twitter.

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    DarkCherry 11/16/2010 13:40

    I love this commercial it’s so true about those addicted to their smart phones. But I don’t see how another smart phone that does all the same stuff will be any different.

    And z OMG that fucking song is HORRIBLE!!!! It amazes me how its like number four or five on iTunes. Who is hearing that song and thinking hell yes I wanna jam to this???

    Watt I’m souped for glee tonight u?

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    Tom Foolery 11/16/2010 13:42

    $100 is too much for any single video game, as far as playing football with your friends outside….F that. We always get hurt when playing each other, too much size/competitive.

  5. avatar
    Watt 11/16/2010 13:43

    souped? Does that mean excited?

    Yes I am. I’ve been pretty impressed by the story line so far

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    Watt 11/16/2010 13:43

    The chick in my avi sort of looks like the chick in the gif

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/16/2010 13:49

    Q: “And z OMG that fucking song is HORRIBLE!!!! It amazes me how its like number four or five on iTunes. Who is hearing that song and thinking hell yes I wanna jam to this???”

    A: The same people that are buying Gaga records and paying 99cents to download her songs.

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    Tom Foolery 11/16/2010 13:49

    From Sunday(now caught up after football): Dexter-thank god finally picking up
    Boardwalk-Still waiting for shit to hit the fan
    Walking Dead-Homeslice from Boondock Saints is a redneck?

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 11/16/2010 13:56

    can we power comment this bullshit to 100 so we can get another commercial/post?

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    minimosh 11/16/2010 13:57

    I especially enjoyed last weeks rendition of Teenage Dream.

  11. avatar
    i hate you 11/16/2010 13:59

    *poop alert*

    ‘an untreated person with cholera may produce 10-20 liters of diarrhea a day’

    is that a lot?

  12. avatar
    rokan 11/16/2010 14:00

    Hate to say it, but the post was petty funny.


    You want to drive this bitch to 100? I’m on it.

    Be prepared for a barrage of comments about the consistency of my stool, which is runny because i have a cold.

  13. avatar
    The Puppet 11/16/2010 14:02

    To the two sport assholes, @Tom and @Zombie, take your shit and go to With Leather.

  14. avatar
    DarkCherry 11/16/2010 14:04

    DDM over 150 sold out concerts all over the world. Go fuck yourself. Deal with the fact that she is talented even if it’s not your cup of tea.

  15. avatar
    Tom Foolery 11/16/2010 14:04

    Justin Beiber was in town all last Saturday checking out all his merchandise at the local stores, would have slapped him if he was over 18

  16. avatar
    Gildorg 11/16/2010 14:05

    I thought using the @ symbol was passe?

  17. avatar
    i hate you 11/16/2010 14:05

    i just put a 2 liter on my desk – 20 liters is lot of fucking poo

  18. avatar
    MrAdams 11/16/2010 14:05

    You mean the @ is for pussies.

  19. avatar
    minimosh 11/16/2010 14:07

    poop stories eh? I dropped a deuce Friday that was quite painful. Reminded me of inadequately lubed anal. The thing was so big it wouldn’t fit through the toilet hole. My husband said he wasn’t even mad, but impressed.

  20. avatar
    Zombie 11/16/2010 14:08

    Tom, I would have gladly taken the assault on a minor charge.

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