Cameron Diaz at the Green Hornet premiere

By brendon January 11, 2011 @ 3:25 PM


Seth Rogen stars as the Green Hornet in the new movie of the same name, but I’m the one who’s really green today. Green with envy that is, because he got to be so close to the lovely Cameron Diaz. She’s not as pretty now as she was before she had to kill Mace Windu, but he was a powerful Jedi, and that lightning bolt thing she did with her fingers would take a toll on anyones looks

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    One Puppet To Rule Them All 01/11/2011 15:30

    huh? was that supposed to be funny?

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    uknowwhere2findme 01/11/2011 15:32

    Did you mean “The Joker at The Green Hornet premier?”:

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    SCUM 01/11/2011 15:34

    Riddle me this….wheres the funny?

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    The Phantom 01/11/2011 15:35

    “She’s not as pretty now” and yet there are 19 pictures.

    I appreciate the sarcasm but I lament the wasting of resources.

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    rokan 01/11/2011 15:35

    Sweet tap-dancing Christ!!

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    One Puppet To Rule Them All 01/11/2011 15:37

    Phantom, thats why its only 19 pics instead of the usual 32+ pic gallery…

    Aren’t we due for a Kardashian post?

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    Beppo 01/11/2011 15:46

    Back in the old days, we would have a box of potato sacks out side the barn to palce over young ladies with such strong features. Others had a hole cut out for the mouth and were used to place name the schnitzel when no women could be found.
    Many an afternoon were spent with such hijinx. The best freinds are the ones you can identify by taste. I’m sure Observer will agrre with me on that point.

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    One Puppet To Rule Them All 01/11/2011 15:47

    i wonder what ranj atkar has to tweet about this?

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    Observer 01/11/2011 15:52


    …I find myself in TOTAL agreement……for example:

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    MrAdams 01/11/2011 16:08

    I saw that Green Hornet special on Mythbusters. They blew up a ton of shit. They didn’t tackle the myth that Cameron Diaz is still do-able, though.

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    Beppo 01/11/2011 16:13

    Its a known fact that Negroes enjoy fornicating in packs. They are also know to urinate upon each other and sing a lively ditty whilst shoeing a horse.

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    uknowwhere2findme 01/11/2011 16:18

    They are also know to urinate upon each

    Senor Beppo…I thought they liked to be tard and feathered?

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    Beppo 01/11/2011 16:20

    Mel Gibson is the flower of Aryan manhood.

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    Observer 01/11/2011 16:21


    …I have always lauded the benefits of cultural diversity…….I can see you are a man of discerning knowledge and taste……

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    uknowwhere2findme 01/11/2011 16:23

    Senor Beppo…as such?
    …you need to get rid of the three spaces in .com

    http://video.xnxx. com/video753168/black_slut_takes_piss_shower

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    Observer 01/11/2011 16:34


    …she reminds of Ghandi….drinking the piss and all…….

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/11/2011 16:36

    Does she play Green Hornet’s side kick …Crypt-toe??

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    mikey the retard 01/11/2011 16:40

    papa? ina go down and bac garag wit the humus an dlink beer

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    SomeoneluvsU 01/11/2011 16:41

    Wardrobe – Dior

    Hair – Garren New york

    Make-up – Shelton & Sons Masonry Contracting.

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