friday afternoon headlines

By brendon January 07, 2011 @ 5:32 PM


ORLANDO BLOOM AND MIRANDA KERR – had a boy. And I bet that handsome bastard has already gotten more pussy than I have this year. (us)

LINDSAY LOHAN – has been handed a $135,000 Range Rover Onyx, to borrow “for an undisclosed length of time”, by a Beverly Hills dealer. The plan of course is for people to see Lindsay driving the car and then go see them and say, “I want one of those cars like the one Lindsay wrecked.” (radar)

PETRA NEMCOVA – is engaged, 6 years after her last fiance died in the 2004 Thailand tsunami. I’m sure that wasn’t her fault, but I would still go somewhere like Omaha for a honeymoon. They have a lovely zoo. (daily mail)

JANE KRAKOWSKI – is pregnant. Ewwww. Everything about this story is gross. (people)

JWOWW – says she was under anesthesia when her ex took naked pictures of her. Ahhh yes, the old twilight trick. Another good one is to make them think you’ve taken a loved one as a hostage. (hollywood life)

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    VaginaOfParis 01/07/2011 17:37

    Ha ha F’er – nice reputation:

    “…I get a lot of requests for some naked dudes on the site. Although 90% of them seem to come from that guy who writes the Brad Pitt blog that’s entirely about Lindsay…” from

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    Mac-Daddy 01/07/2011 17:37

    Friday Afternoon Lamelines

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    Mac-Daddy 01/07/2011 17:46

    lol@VoP Nice

    J-Whore looks pretty fuckable here!

    And I’ve seen this bitch in person and she normally looks like she got beat up in a MMA fight.

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    nolachi 01/07/2011 17:47

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why I think she is so hot! It drives me crazy1 GEAUX TIGERS, FUCK YEAH!

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    Death to Finkle! 01/07/2011 17:50

    Whoa… I leave for a late lunch and come back to find…

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    i hate you 01/07/2011 17:50

    brenda he just came out of a pussy, so you are correct. especially since you prefer ass play.

    clamburgers anyone?

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    uknowwhere2findme 01/07/2011 17:53

    What your burger is missing is a little bit of Mayo………Don’t move!!!

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    i hate you 01/07/2011 17:58

    how is your special sauce production doing these days with that enlarged prostate?

    i am gonna get craigslist drunk in a little bit.

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    uknowwhere2findme 01/07/2011 18:00

    Been drinking the Limited Edition Absolut Vodka….Not bad…but not great…..

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    Chicagoaniml 01/07/2011 18:02

    Yeah J-whatever looks doable here. Off once those huge fake tits pop out things will change. I think she’s gonna have nasty bolt ons. She looks like the type that goes goths cheapest doctor to get implants.

    Speaking of her and her nude pics: My brother once toon pics of me naked while I was k Ickes out too. Don’t worry, it wasn’t for any weird reason as he just wanted jerking material.

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    i hate you 01/07/2011 18:02

    is the whore in the above picture engaged? i hope all those jersey fucks die this wknd by ass raping.

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    DarkCherry 01/07/2011 18:16

    where is LNOJ when I need him? I have to find out how anyone can seriously cheer for a team that is named after a term for having your period….

    sorry boys for bringing up that topic but i just saw that roll tide commercial and had to look it up…. that’s so fucking funny.

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    Observer 01/07/2011 19:23

    “Under Anesthesia”……”The Situation”…..

    …these wop guineas sure pick some f@ggy nick-names…..

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    swatrob 01/08/2011 10:52

    Half the time this chick looks amazing and the other half she looks awful.

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    SincereNarcissism 01/08/2011 20:15

    Omaha-the good life.
    Douglas county has the highest std rate in America aka we get our fuck on.

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    Tiddly 01/09/2011 11:59

    This jwoww…for such a skank she sure does pretty-up well. Although she looks a lot better with clothes on. And she will not age well.

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