Justin Bieber says the United States is “evil”

By brendon February 16, 2011 @ 12:26 PM


When asked about abortion and rape, Justin Bieber said, “everything happens for a reason.”

I just wanted to get that out of the way. To sort of quantify his other observations in the new Rolling Stone, when asked about things outside the realm of bangs and what it’s like to be such a huge star in the eyes of a fan base whose previous favorite musician was a blue cartoon dog.

So here’s what he said when asked if he ever plans on becoming an American citizen…

“You guys are evil,” he says with a laugh. “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

Fuck off you douche. You have free diapers and similac. Oohh, I’m so impressed. Anything more complicated than that and your choices are to die or die. Even with all our problems, and there are many, we’re better at almost everything. Our screening rates are much higher, for example. Canada’s idea of preventative medicine is to wave a torch at the monster in the woods so it doesn’t bite you.

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    Keiko Infidel 02/16/2011 22:52

    OMG, best post EVER, WWTDD!! I copied that last paragraph and used it as my status message on FB (with credit to you, of course). Love it!

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    Desert Ghost 02/17/2011 01:27

    I agree with Ozzy, “What’s a Bieber?”

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    cactusman 02/17/2011 03:08

    The Beebz is 100% correct on health care. Friends of mine had a baby in Canada and guess how much it cost them. 21 bucks coz they decided to have an extra phone in the room. I met a guy in America who’d lost his job while his wife was pregnant. Guess how much it’s costing him. $13, 000.
    I love this site but you capitalist selfish pricks down here have no idea how good of a country it is. you just make up stories about waiting in lines and pass that around to make yourselves feel like you’re not missing out on anything. your missing out on something, trust me. you call it socialism. yet you’ll pay your taxes to fix the roads the next guy will drive on, but you gawk at universal health care and won’t pay for the next guy to get a cast, or a heart transplant.

    your a fuckin’ idiot. “Canada’s idea of preventative medicine is to wave a torch at the monster in the woods so it doesn’t bite you.” -You have a whole channel down here dedicated to ghosts. Unless you’re talking about lighting a torch to ward of mosquito’s?

    Canada is the best country to live in. We don’t invade other countries on the pretence of there being Nuclear Weapons. We keep to ourselves, play our hockey, drink our beer, shag our chicks, listen to Neil Young and get a new kidney when we’re done. FOR FREE.

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    king jeremy the wicked 02/17/2011 12:17

    Actually, it sounds like you either
    1. have never been to a hospital in Canada or…
    b. are a total moron.

    I spent 4 months in Nova Scotia a few years ago and ended up making some friends there. one friend had a brother who was a drug addict, so ever few weeks he would OD and I would go to the hospital with her and set there for hours while he waited to be seen. yes, a guy with enough dope in him to possibly die, sat it a waiting room for hours. So yeah, you will get your new kidney alright, if you go to the hospital now and dont actually need it for another 6 years.

    Actually, I did love Canada. you know why? Because all the guys up there are such toolbag douches that nailing Canadian chicks is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    BTW, Neil Young sucks

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    dezigns333 02/17/2011 16:14

    Tyler – You may have noticed that by quoting a magazine in your magazine you both look like assholes now, cuz they edited his quote.

    Read the magazine or another respected rag to find out what he really said jerk.

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    dezigns333 02/17/2011 16:17

    It must really suck living life as an american when you gotta make an issue about what a Canadian child says about abortion.

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    dezigns333 02/17/2011 16:54

    Canada’s idea of preventative medicine is to wave a torch at the monster in the woods so it doesn’t bite you.


    Americans charge for the torch, pay a mexican to wave it and charge double for the opportunity to see the monster. Then blame you for scaring the monster away.

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    Robert Knight 02/17/2011 18:20

    Americans are so touchy about their healthcare. You have a very responsive system for the people who can afford it, but your overall healthcare provision is poor in a whole host of areas when compared to other developed nations. That’s just a fact. America is currently regarded by the World Health Organisation as having the 37th best healthcare in the world.

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    SugarDickDarrell 02/17/2011 23:00

    Well you guys enjoy your “free” healthcare. We would prefer not to fork over 50% of our income to fund health services provided by the same jack offs who are in charge of our VA healthcare system. We spend enough money protecting your worthless asses; we don’t need to add any more to the tax burden facing American families. Best of luck to you guys. I hope none of you get Cancer in your northern paradise of Government-rationed health care – I hear it’s a near-guaranteed death sentence.

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    globaldominationmachine 02/18/2011 14:03

    it’s funny when canadians get all snotty and arrogant about their healthcare. it reminds me that
    a). no one has ever and will ever give a fuck about canada. why? because your neighbor is the greatest country in the history of the world. and without even having to draw comparisons to the US, you will always suck donkey cock.
    b). your healthcare still sucks. why? because people don’t have 5 years to start that cancer treatment or get that replacement organ. see, typically when something is “free” and run by the government, it sucks.

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    floating 02/19/2011 16:38

    You Canadian Fuck’s.! come’on let’s be honest; no-one will invade you because your big borther is watching over your ass. your f’n country is in such a good state, hell the entire world overall is in a better state BECAUSE of the U.S.A…is it perfect ? NO. we have our own shitheads also,but gaurantee, if we go down so do you, you pussy’s…
    and hey beib, your a dipshit ! EVIL,, Really??? billiions in foreign aide, billiions in military support, every country in the world aspiring to be democratic or have a form of it…
    anyway,,,, back to hot chicks with titty’s hangin out…………..

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    Scotch 02/19/2011 16:44

    wow, the anti-canadian comments on here just reinforce the world’s opinion on americans: that you’re a bunch of over-bearing, over-opinionated, over-patriotic, overweight, ignorant, self-serving, self-righteous bullies that would rather beat down another country than admit its own short-comings.

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    Scotch 02/19/2011 16:53

    i love how pro-americans always come back to its military prowess, like anybody outside of the states respects it. north korea openly mocks you and you turn a blind eye to it. the states have so many back room deals with foreign dictators that it’s hard to keep track of who put who where, and when? i’m fairly confident that the u.s.a. didn’t invent democracy, and it kind of defeats the purpose when you impose it on others who don’t want it. i wonder what the states would be like if they kept their noses out of other peoples business?

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    jezzyr1 02/20/2011 17:53

    I normally ignore BS like whats being posted here, but not his time…

    I don’t give a rats ass about Beiber…or what he thinks, and I’ve never heard of anyone having to wait 5 years for cancer treatment or any other health service in Canada…do we have to wait in an emergency room sometimes? Ya sure, but I’ve been to the ER in a couple of US cities and it was no better…just glad I had coverage. No hospital in Canada would ever turn a sick patient away because they didn’t have insurance like they do in the states. $13,000 to fix a broken arm? Your seriously ok with that?

    The citizens of the USA need to remember, when they start ranting about being ‘big brother’ protecting Canada, that your mighty military would be useless without the energy that Canada is supplying more and more of.

    Almost all of Canadas energy exports go to the United States, making it the LARGEST SOURCE of U.S. energy imports. Canada is consistently among the top sources for U.S. oil imports, and it is the largest source of U.S. natural gas and electricity imports. In 2010 oil imported into the USA from Canada increased by 84.7% over 2009. I’m pretty sure we could hold you off until you ran out of fuel!

    Basically, without Canada and the services we provide, you would be sitting in the dark, cold & hungry because you couldn’t drive your fat asses through the drive thru at McFat burger..let alone post uneducated BS on internet boards like this one!

    Also, NOBODY likes you. If you have ever done any travelling at all, you will find that most of the world considers Americans to be rude, ignorant, self centered assholes who are like the fat kid with a mustache in grade 5 who failed 3 times and is now way bigger, but dumber than the rest of the fifth graders.

    As usual, you think that everything comes back to forcing your opinions on the rest of the world, and as usual you don’t have any idea what the actual issue is, let alone how to fix it.

    And BTW, its hilarious that your sitting there calling us pussy’s while you jerk off into your moms underwear. I’m pretty sure that any Canadian would gladly kick your ass if you wanna come try again, just like we did in 1812.

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    vee84 02/21/2011 16:10

    Wow, I am for once not embarrassed that Bieber is Canadian as much as I am embarrassed for the ignorant Americans posting here…

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    king jeremy the wicked 02/24/2011 17:05

    Come kick our ass huh? I am relatively certain that me and four of my drinking buddies could overwhelm your borders armed with nothing more than a cue ball in a sock. So please go back to watching the McKenzie Brother’s and be content relishing your role as “America’s Hat”

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    Bahsok2 05/28/2011 23:43

    Justin Bieber is completely wrong.First of all,In USA,you can have very good insurance if you work.I have dental insurance and it works very well.Secondly,USA is NOT evil,and you(Justin) should shut your month because you are NOT right.

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