Lindsay Lohan totally assaulted that woman in rehab

Earlier this week the Riverside County D.A. decided not to press charges against Lindsay Lohan for the incident at the Betty Ford Center on December 12th, when she allegedly assaulted a staff member, which is absolutely fucking astounding considering the newly released 911 call from that night.

The staff member, Dawn Holland, tells the deputy that Lindsay and her two roommates used a chair to jump the back wall of their off-campus house, then were caught sneaking back in. When confronted, one of the other two girls blew a .10 on the breathalyzer, the other admitted to drinking.

Lindsay refused to take the test and can immediately be heard on the 911 tape, at the :12 second mark, telling one of the girls, "don't go with her". In other words, don't go with Holland to tell her what happened.

At the :32 second mark, Holland gets on the phone with the deputy and as she tries to talk, there's some kind of physical altercation, during which someone says what might be, "you fucking cunt". After that Holland immediately says, "You're discharging Kelly". Someone, presumably Kelly, replies, "I didn't do anything", and Holland corrects herself and says, "I mean, no, Lindsay." When Holland says she's going to file charges against Lindsay, she replies, "what do you want, money?" (Holland would later say this altercation was the moment when Lindsay tried to grab the phone out of her hand, spraining her wrist.)

There's simply no way to hear this and not come away thinking that Lindsay absolutely hit this woman, just as she claimed, because she had broken curfew and went to a bar while in rehab. I mean I guess you can but it means you're an idiot.

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