bin Laden is photogenic

May 4, 2011 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

On Thursday, Time magazine will run a cover showing Osama bin Laden stamped with a red X, because yesterday SEAL Team 6 kicked in the door of his bedroom and shot him in his fucking face. It’s similar to the covers announcing the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945, Saddam Hussein in 2003, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 2006.

And if you think that picture is delightful, you’ll love the death photo Drudge says is on the way, and CNN says he’s been a regular little supermodel lately, posing at least 3 times. The sets include:

1. Bin Ladens body at a hangar after he was brought back to Afghanistan. This is the most recognizable with a clear picture of his face. The picture is gruesome because he has a massive open head wound across both eyes. It’s very bloody and gory.
2. The burial at sea on the USS Carl Vinson. Photos of bin Laden before the shroud was put on and then wrapped in the shroud.
3. The raid itself that include photos of the two dead brothers, one of bin Ladens dead son (adult adolescent, maybe approx 18 yrs old) and some of the inside scene of the compound.

Please tell me someone thought to bring Lynndie England, cigarettes and dog collars.

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