Sasha Jackson should be more popular

By brendon May 26, 2011 @ 6:08 PM


British actress Sasha Jackson isn’t a big star in Hollywood yet, but she’s really skinny with big breasts and that sexy accent so I feel like she should be. It’s not like acting is hard for Christs sake. Someone thinks up some words for you to say, and then you say them. And you don’t even have to memorize the words. If you’re too dumb for that they’ll write them on a card for you and then all you have to do is read them out loud. And if you can’t even do that right, that’s fine too, because we’ll just stand here all day and wait for you. You get unlimited chances at reading the words out loud. Imagine that you were a waiter, and you were supposed to bring a Coke to a customer, and someone went and got you a Coke and handed it to you but somehow you still managed to bring the customer a Sprite. Perhaps because, on your own, you decided a Sprite would be better. So then the whole restaurant just sat there and waited for you to try again. And the next time you brought out a knife. So everyone sat there and waited for you to try again. And the next time you went to the freezer instead of the dining room. So everyone sat there and waited for you to try again. And this went on for 6 hours, with everyone patiently waiting for you to do something any retarded toddler could manage. That’s what being an actor is like. So why the hell do we put up with so many ugly actresses with small breasts and no sexy accents. This is complete bullshit.

(image source of Sasha yesterday in Malibu = pacific coast)

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    Observer 05/26/2011 18:18

    Dropping panties and swinging young delicious tits must be one of the hardest jobs in Hollywood….

    …..because not enough chicks get around to doing that….

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    Observer 05/26/2011 18:24

    Ethnicity White/Caucasian
    Skin Color Tanned
    Hair Length Long
    Accents (UK) Geordie, London, RP, Southern England, Welsh
    Accents (US) Californian, General American, New York City, Texas
    Accents (International) Australian, German, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Swedish
    Languages Spoken English, French, Spanish
    Interested in Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Presenting, Radio, TV, Voice Over
    Experienced in Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Presenting, TV, Voice Over
    General Singing Skills Solo
    Specific Singing Skills Alto, Falsetto, Mezzo-Soprano, Soprano
    General Dance Skills Ballroom, Bellydance, Bollywood, Disco, Latin American, Salsa, Tango
    Musical Skills Flute, Piano
    Organisation Membership Equity, PACT
    Stage Combat Skills Yes
    Driving Licences Standard
    Perform nude? No
    Native accent English

    Selfish withholding CUNT YES

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    Observer 05/26/2011 18:32


    ….her name is Boner Love…????

    …..could be boner maker as well……

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 18:35

    30 pictures and not one suitable for an erection. good call obs, scum those teeties are ridiculous.

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 18:40

    furthermore, that bathing suit doesn’t fit. the top is too small and the bottoms don’t fit right. they are too big. she needs a more narrow bottom to accent her love box area. strictly for flattery purposes. i may be a pervert, but i am quite good at this.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 19:09

    She has poop in her pants

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    Mr. Pickles 05/26/2011 19:16

    ME TOO ME TOO! Is it awkward if I sit down next to you?

    *plops down on sofa with junk in hand*

    Where is the tickly pickly clicky clicker? My butt is icky and sticky. You may also call it aromatic.


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    rokan 05/26/2011 19:29

    Ummmm . . . Yeah, Ok, I guess.

    I’m just going to sit in the rocking chair

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    Admiral 05/26/2011 19:35

    So, she’s pretty much Keira Knightley with giant implants?

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 20:02

    i thought one puppet took the rocker and what’s this flyer about a jam shed here on the bulletin board?

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    midatlantis 05/26/2011 20:38

    I’ve seen more realistic tits in Picasso paintings.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 20:48

    Who wants to hide with me in my mom’s closet and watch her take a shower?

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    Tylerdurden389 05/26/2011 20:54

    Picture 26 is just BEGGING to be photoshopped. Also, her body makes me think of Rob Leifield drawings of the female anatomy.

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 21:06

    i am scarred from last time we did that. not bc of your mom, but bc pepper kept shining the flashlight though his ballsack like he thought it was christmas in july.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 21:09


    I saw her buy a new loufa this week.

    Maybe she’ll do that thing with the shower massage again.

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 21:12

    fine as long as pickles isn’t coming. i have some roofies this guy tried to hide in my seafood pasta today too.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 21:38

    I just ordered so much food from room service that the guy asked me if it was for two people
    Buffalo wings, crab cakes, angel hair pompodoro with prawns, key lime pie, a coke and a glass of 2% milk.

    Can’t wait to shit that out in the morning.

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    i hate you 05/26/2011 21:42

    i thought you and scum had a plan. that would feed 4.5 crackhead hookers for 3 shifts.

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    rokan 05/26/2011 21:44

    Scum’s plans included some gay hangouts on the bad side of SF. I did want to see his meth lab though.

    Oh, well . . . maybe next trip.

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