Chrissy Teigen is photogenic

By brendon June 28, 2011 @ 4:30 PM


If you’re wondering why Chrissy Teigen is a Sports Illustrated supermodel and you’re not, it’s because she can walk around on a Tuesday afternoon in New York in late June and make it look like she’s filming a fucking shampoo commercial. But that doesn’t mean she’s stuck-up. She’s actually really cool. If you see her on the street you should go give her a big hug. She’ll act like she doesn’t want you to at first but that’s because she likes to be chased.

(image source = pacific coast)

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    minimosh 06/28/2011 16:51


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    minimosh 06/28/2011 16:56


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    rokan 06/28/2011 17:01


    Have you been soaking your beans again?

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    minimosh 06/28/2011 17:01


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    minimosh 06/28/2011 17:02


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    rokan 06/28/2011 17:10

    Do you have more than one?

    That’s really intriguing.

    What do you think of this chick? She looks Asian. That means she has a tiny little landing strip on her clam.

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    minimosh 06/28/2011 17:16

    Thai-Norwegian ancestry. How did you know?

    I bet you’re right about the landing strip.

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    minimosh 06/28/2011 17:27

    why is the toilet paper blue?

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    SCUM 06/28/2011 17:38

    She is ok I guess

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    Dr Poop 06/28/2011 17:42


    Clinical studies have shown that blue toilet paper is helpful in averting worm infestation in lesbians.
    Something about the color. Plus, when you get tiny wads of it stuck in your vagina, they are easier to identify.

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    TwinkieRapist 06/28/2011 21:42

    I’m not trying to hate. But something is very wrong w/that face.

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    MayerGary 06/29/2011 13:33

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