Lindsay Lohan stumbled out of a bar this morning

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The first time Lindsay Lohan left rehab, she immediately went to a bar.

The second time Lindsay Lohan left rehab, she immediately went to a bar.

The last time Lindsay Lohan was in rehab, she didn’t even wait to leave before going to a bar.

So, keeping in mind that just one week ago, Lindsay said that alcohol is no longer a part of her life and she’ll do whatever she has to do to earn back the respect of producers and the public, try and guess where she went immediately after getting off house arrest, which she was on after violating the probation she got after her multiple DUI’s.

X17 says…

Lindsay didn’t waste any time getting back into the party scene after her 35-day house arrest ended Wednesday. After clocking a few hours of community service at the Downtown Women’s Center, as the sun went down, Lilo headed out to enjoy some nightlife!
Too bad Lindsay could hardly stand up as she left the Lexington Social House during the wee hours of this morning.

So is this implying that the girl who lies constantly and has never been made to suffer any real consequences for her actions hasn’t changed in any way? Hmm, well I don’t believe them. Things are really really different this time. If there’s one thing I know about human nature, it’s that people just magically changed over night for no reason.

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