Monday headlines, with romance and fitness

By brendon June 27, 2011 @ 2:58 PM


DAVE CHAPELLE – walked around NYC this weekend, and if you’re wondering what he’s been doing since he left ‘The Chapelle Show’, the answer apparently is, “millions of push-ups.” (flynet)

BRAVE – has a new brand new teaser trailer out today. It would seem next summers Pixar movie tells the timeless tale of Bear vs Ginger. (trailer addict)

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS – announced his engament to David Burtka on twitter this weekend, shortly after New York passed a law to allow gay marriage. It should be a beautiful ceremony, assuming God doesn’t smite the state under a shower of fire and brimstone first. (popeater)

DANIEL CRAIG AND RACHEL WEISZ – secretly got married in New York last Wednesday. They of course didn’t have to wait like Neil Patrick Harris did because their love isn’t an affront to our vengeful God. (daily mail)

JWOWW – and the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ are back from filming season 4 in Italy, and being surrounded by all that beauty and culture must have been a life changing experience because yesterday she went to the gym with her tits on display. Oh wait never mind. (inf, splash)

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    Bercilak 06/27/2011 15:07

    That is a really strange looking belly button

  2. avatar
    i hate you 06/27/2011 15:15

    wesley snipes looks weird these days.

  3. avatar
    Dr Poop 06/27/2011 15:17

    Speaking of inserting objects in your rectum?

  4. avatar
    Shitcock 06/27/2011 15:19

    She totally goes ATM. And loves it.

  5. avatar
    i hate you 06/27/2011 15:20

    thanks for the help over on the other post doctor. you’re a real resource for us. i think i may get you a year of cheeses from the netherlands.

  6. avatar
    The Original Lo Rider 06/27/2011 15:20

    The last I read about Rachel Weisz was she had just given birth and she and her husband were welcoming the blessed event. Either she’s a cheating whore too or I need to renew some subscriptions.

  7. avatar
    The Puppet 06/27/2011 15:21

    How long before Dave goes back to doing smack?

  8. avatar
    rokan 06/27/2011 15:35

    What’s up, Lo?

    Still serving meals at the women’s prison?

  9. avatar
    Ron Burgandy 06/27/2011 15:57

    in case you were wondering about something newsworthy, I was born the eighth son of Claude and Brender Burgundy in Hagalworth, Iowa in 1940. I descend from a long line of anchormen, dating back to Paul Revere – who many consider to be the first anchorman.

    Thank you and go fuck yourself Durdenites.

  10. avatar
    The Puppet 06/27/2011 16:00

    Ron, did you come here with out my drink?

  11. avatar
    mikey the retard 06/27/2011 16:16

    mr pluppit stucked a blooberry up my pee-whol

  12. avatar
    Dr Poop 06/27/2011 16:39


    This is an emergency and I need you to listen very closely

    Try squeezing your penis like a tube of toothpaste and see if it comes out. Under no circumstance should you allow yourself to become sexually aroused. If you were to obtain and erection and consequently have an accidental ejaculation, the build up from the pressure and resulting force could blow your brains out.

    Dear God, I hope his Grandma is home.

  13. avatar
    MrAdams 06/27/2011 17:22

    The Sheriff is nearer.

  14. avatar
    i hate you 06/27/2011 17:41

    mikey, you could also get a very severe case of blooballs. this could prove fatal if you don’t make puppet eat the blooberry. i don’t know why, but i heard this how it works south of the equator.

  15. avatar
    BA732 09/15/2011 18:38

    check out some old school chappelle clips….

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