Alec Baldwin has finally found love

By brendon August 25, 2011 @ 4:03 PM


Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas must be Hollywoods most unlikely couple. He’s 53 after all, so you would think he wouldn’t be interested in a 27 year old yoga instructor. What could they have in common? What would they talk about? But he’s overlooked all that and recent pictures show her wearing a promise ring, with sources saying he has plans to get engaged. What a touching story! True love conquers all!

(image source = fame)

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    MrAdams 08/25/2011 16:08

    Blind, retarded yoga instructors aren’t a dime a dozen. She’s a rare find. He should keep her locked up in his whine cellar.

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    Observer 08/25/2011 16:10

    Jim Carrey must be shitting bricks……

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    Pepper 08/25/2011 16:11

    I approve!!!!

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    Observer 08/25/2011 16:11

    What is a “promise ring”….??

    …is that when a 70 year old guy wears a cock ring…..and promises to get hard within the hour….?

    ….cause a “friend” of mine really needs to know….

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    Pepper 08/25/2011 16:12

    May they have a masculine child…

  6. avatar
    Pepper 08/25/2011 16:15

    Observer…..R0kan may be 70..but you know damn well he does not need a cock ring…at least that’s what you told me in your last email…..

  7. avatar
    Observer 08/25/2011 16:24


    …all too true……

    …what R0kan really needs is a key to his butt-plug………

    …or yours..

  8. avatar
    Observer 08/25/2011 16:26

    Courtney cox-sucker is up…..

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    PageJulian 08/25/2011 19:48

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    zaicaonimei 08/25/2011 21:12

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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