Batman fights Bane outside a courthouse, apparently


‘The Dark Knight Rises' filmed in Pittsburgh over the weekend, and if you liked the first two Christopher Nolan Batman movies but thought they needed more fighting on courthouse steps, good news, because that shit totally happens in the third one. Specifically Batman fighting Bane on some steps. And though he's not listed by the paparazzi agency and I can't find any mention of him, that also looks like the first picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays a beat cop named John Blake.

Oh, um, "spoiler alert".

Actually, after that Marion Cotillard arrived and ruined all kinds of shit that I probably didn't want to know about, so, seriously, THERE MAY BE HEAVY SPOILERS HERE. Don't keep reading if you don't want to know.

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Okay so Cotillard was also there, and according to the official Warner Bros. press release, she plays a "Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne". And yet here we see her being escorted by the guys who were just fighting the cops, the guys who appear to be with Bane, and then getting into a camouflaged tumbler. It's also worth noting that while that looks like the Batmobile, it might not be because the Batpod was also on set today, and they probably don't just carry that around from set to set for the hell of it. Also why the fuck would it be camouflaged.

Getting back to Levitt, it's thought that much of the 'Knightfall' story arc from the comics will make its way into 'Dark Knight Rises', including this VERY HEAVY SPOILER. Because of that, there's still lots of speculation that Levitt is actually playing a variation on the character Jean-Paul Valley.

In another picture Bane is in the Oval Office and he has Batmans head on a pike and the President is putting a crown on his head and everyone is kneeling before him. That's probably a pretty important plot point too.

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