Daryl Hannah was arrested

By brendon August 30, 2011 @ 5:28 PM


Daryl Hannah was handcuffed and arrested today outside the White House for protesting a proposed oil pipeline that would run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. And by “protesting” I mean she was sitting down on a sidewalk, then singled out to be taken away, because I guess that’s not allowed in this country anymore. It’s time to take our sidewalks back! Hooray for a police state where dissenters are locked away!

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    mikey the retard 08/30/2011 17:29


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    Dr Poop 08/30/2011 17:30

    I have it on good authority that she has an extra ovary.

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    WarDamn31 08/30/2011 17:37

    and yet that whore lohan is still free. yay government

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    Mr. Nutt 08/30/2011 17:45

    I want to run my pipe line north on her. She better hurry, the time where I want to do this to her is rapidly running out.

    Dr. Poop, having an extra ovary benefits/hurts her in what way? Please elaborate.

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    Dr Poop 08/30/2011 17:47


    The main advantage to this is an increased sex drive and an ability to take a softball in the gunt without losing the ability to reproduce.

    Some of your best lesbo softball players have this disorder.

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    Mr. Nutt 08/30/2011 18:03

    You had me at increased sex drive. Is there a support group for these women and where is it at so I can hang out there.

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    Mr. Nutt 08/30/2011 18:04

    I almost forgot Doctor, thank you for all the valuable info!

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    Dr Poop 08/30/2011 18:14


    You’re a good egg.

    Your next hernia exam is on the house.

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    Mr. Nutt 08/30/2011 18:23

    Thanks Doc!

    New up pud punchers!

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    Bushpig 08/30/2011 18:48

    They were just enforcing the new Executive Order of “Don’t Trust Whitey.”

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    cdietz1024 08/30/2011 18:51

    Dumb fucking hippies. This oil pipe line will create tons of jobs for people and pump lots of money into contractors such as construction companies and welders AKA blue collar middle class America. \

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    Dave 08/30/2011 19:24

    Damn that’s a big bitch!

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    turdferguson 08/30/2011 19:25

    Yeah, not to mention royally fucking the environment.

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    WitStream1 08/30/2011 19:25

    Apparently she CAN get arrested. Who knew?

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    Observer 08/30/2011 19:27

    …I’ll do the cavity search……

    ….if you turn the clock back 20 years….

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    Observer 08/30/2011 19:29

    …a pipeline from Canada to The Gulf of Mexico…….

    …..are they trying to smuggle Eskimos into Burrito Bars…..

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    cdietz1024 08/30/2011 19:33

    Once the ditch is dug for the pipeline there is a limited amount of time it can be open before it has to be filled and reseeded with grass. It is back to normal within a month. Federal wetlands are usually drilled underneath without being disturbed. I used to pipeline and this pipeline will go through my hometown. Pipelines are inspected to the T by many environmental agencies to be sure they are good to go. There will always be malfunctions in everything — even the human body is not perfect. The people mainly arguing against this are East and West Coast environmentalists who this has little effect on.

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    sjbya 08/30/2011 22:05

    Come go and see, will not regret it Oh look


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    king jeremy the wicked 08/31/2011 13:53

    they should have just got Uma Thurman to come in and pluck her good eye right out its socket.

    While it makes me all warm and fuzzy every time one of these Hollywood assholes gets arrested, I know full well they are getting attention they want.

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